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  1. winters in wyoming

    It is in the southwest corner of wyoming
  2. winters in wyoming

    You might try cody in park county, also sheridan is nice. As for other places I would recomend riverton, worland,and I think newcasle would be good too. I have mainly lived in western wyoming in sublette county. Pinedale is the county seat. very n...
  3. Amateur Radio for emergacy comms

    All you need to do is go to the ARRL web site. They are the organization for ham radio(Amatuer Radio). I am a general class ham radio operator. It is the middle licence of the hobby. The begining licence is the technician. The top licence is ex...
  4. lifting restrictions

    Thank you for the information. I will make calls but it sounds like I need to rethink things.
  5. lifting restrictions

    I have lifting restrictions and was wondering if I can still get into nursing school? I have a herniated disk and can only lift 25lbs. I have a strong desire to be a nurse. Is there a place for me in nursing?
  6. Amateur Radio for emergacy comms

    Well Amatuer radio is a service hobby. We use radio frequencies to communicate across town or across the world. I saw a video on youtube that had a hospital in New Orleans during katrina. They needed help but could not contact the outside world. ...
  7. I am looking for nurses who might be intrested in Amateur Radio to help with emergancy communications during a natural disaster. I saw a video on youtube about Katrina and the lack of hospitals getting out the word that they needed help. I thought ...
  8. winters in wyoming

    In answer to your question about where to build a house with wooded land is how isolated do you want to be? Do you want to live near a town and how big should it be? There are not many big towns in wyo(10,000 and up). Wooded areas are in the west v...
  9. winters in wyoming

    The winters are harsh, but I ajusted well. I came from San Diego Ca. My parents are from wyo and that is why i live there. as for the housing there is a shortage of housing just about everywhere due to the energy boom. Cheyenne is one of the two m...
  10. nursing program at northwestern

    Thank you for the reply
  11. I am changing careers at 40 and nursing is for me. I will be starting in the spring 09. I will be here alot looking for information and friendship.
  12. I'd like to hear from other Wyo nurses

    To the worland nurses do you know my Grandmother Ruth Bower she is a volunteer at the hospital there. I am going into nursing, will be going to powell for the schooling.
  13. Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Hi just wanted to get my two cents in. I am a person with borderline personality disorder with anxiety and depression. I am seriously considering nursing school. I feel that if I don't try nursing then I will regret it. I am hearing about all the ...
  14. "I wish someone would have told me....."

    Thanks for the heads up on the NCLEX book will have to get one
  15. nursing program at northwestern

    I am thinking of taking my nursing school at powell. Does anyone have information on the program or have attended there?