Is anyone happy with their job?

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If you enjoy your job, please state what you do, how many pt's you have during a shift and how much overtime you put in?

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I love my job.

I'm a LTC RN, and I have 30 pts. Because we have a desk nurse,

I usually pass pills and do treatments. Not to mention ongoing assessments on whoever is sick that day and treating that. Oh yeah...then we get to chart......and chart......and chart :rolleyes:


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---oops almost for got--

i usually am there an extra hour to tie up all the loose ends....


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i love my job. RN case manager for a home care agency. i manage 40 clients directly (actually make the visits), supervise about 50 aides/homemakers, perform staff inservices, teach CPR, and specialize in waiver programs: AIDS, Ill/Handicap, and MR. we cover a seven county area that requires 2 hours of drive time to go from one end to the other. BUSY? YES!!!!! but it is also flexable and i'm not stuck in an office or on a floor all day.


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I love my job working L&D and the occasional PP or Peds shift, where I have anywhere from 1 to 12 patients (6 mother baby couplets). I have seriously cut down on my OT, so I probably do one or 2 extra twelv hour shifts a month (it used to be more like one or 2 extra 12s a week).


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yes,i love my job! RN on a very busy ortho unit, i usually have 3-5 pt's on days, if we are working with LPN's then we have to "resource" their pt's also. on my weekends(nocs) i might have 6-7 if we are really busy. i work a point 7which comes out to 3days one week then 4 days the next. as far as overime goes,it also depends on what my shift was like,ie: did i get any trauma's in, how many of my pt's are surgicals,etc.


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My job's great! I work in a cardiovascular intensive care unit. Depending on the type of patient, our assignment varies. Critical patients are always 1:1, less critical will be 1:2. Our unit also uses a single-unit stay model for our heart surgery patients, which means that they stay in our ICU from the time of surgery until discharge home (usually four days). If we are assigned to "intermediate" patients (one to four days post-op) then we will have a max of three.

While some critical care nurses might not like the mix of critical and non-critical patients, I love it. It's very rewarding watching a patient that you recovered from open-heart surgery progress over a few days and then walk out your door.

As for overtime: rarely on a regular shift, unless it was particularly busy or I need to catch up on paperwork. I am also on a couple of unit comittees that take up some time (paid, of course). We don't have mandatory OT at our hospital and I never pick up extra shifts.

I also work about one shift a week as a pool nurse in a couple of different hospitals, and I recently started doing fixed-wing ALS transports, which I also love.


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I like my job very much.

I am on orientation in a 6 bed ICU. Max pt load is 2 pt's per RN in the ICU. I work 3 twelve hour shifts a week. We do have mandatory overtime which I won' have to worry about till June. I almost never go in extra when the staffing office calls.


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I truely enjoy my job in the OR. Such a different atmosphere than anywhere else. No families or hospital floor issues to deal with. We all work as part of a team. We get to know the docs and everyone else in the OR on a different level because patients, or their families, aren't "hovering around" listening to your every word. On occasion the patients are under local or mac anesthesia and are awake. Mostly, they are under general. My momma always said, "There are some real benefits to working with the unconscious.".


Patient/Case load per day varies. Depends how full the surgery schedule is. On average, I could have 4-5 cases in my room. They could be any specialty from ortho, neuro, cv, general, gyn, etc....

I also just switched from 5 eights a week to 3 rotating twelve''s great! One weekend a month so NO WEEKEND CALL. Those extra days off make all the difference in the world. We do take call during the mandatory OT.



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I used to work in ICU, but got out in 6 months. I felt mostly like an aide or totally stressed out from a code. I had 1-2 pt's. and did 12 hour shifts. Loved the 12 hr shifts, but it was not for me.

OR is sounding pretty good.


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Luv my job! Just started at a new hospital the folks I work with, love management, love the pts. and docs.

I do mostly days, work L&D, usually have 2 pts. at a time. Work 12 hours shifts, no overtime.

Tried to go to OR but they wouldn't take me 'cause there was an experienced OR nurse interviewing @ the same time...can't blame them for that. Anyhoo, I eventually wanna go to a day surgery center or something...yeah, I agree....OR sounds pretty sweet. Most of your patients are unconscious, and NO FAMILY MEMBERS to deal with. Probably always do L&D on prn basis.

i love my job !!

:) :) :)

i work nicu, 7a-7p. depends on the acuity, but i can have 1-3 pts. haven't done any overtime lately.

are you looking to move into a new area?

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