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  1. RNatlast

    donating blood

    this am i went and gave blood at our local high school and thought it was VERY strange that no one wore gloves!!!! is this the usual practice at blood banks? i mean ,i know that if you get a needle stick gloves won't help but NO gloves? does any one know if this is standard procedure?
  2. RNatlast

    Na profiling vs. UF profiling

    hi! i am new to dialysis and i have a question RE: Na profiling and UF profiling using the Phoenix machines. Can they be used together or can we only do one or the other w/ ea. treatment. is one more effective than the other? also how do you determine co-efficiency % thanks for your help!
  3. RNatlast

    changing member name

    hi! could someone let me know how to change my member name?thanks!
  4. RNatlast

    Where to buy scrubs online?

    hi! i found that scrubsxpress.com was THE WORST!! awful service both via the internet and on the phone and the uniforms were AWFUL!!!
  5. RNatlast

    cops 'n nurses

    my husband is a detective and we've been married 20 years!yea! and a big part of it is that we do have alot of understanding about and respect for each of our chosen professions.my husband no longer works nights or holidays unless he's called out so he now says kiddingly that he "picked his profession and i picked mine!" we also have a very sick and twisted sense of humour! and that helps alot...
  6. RNatlast

    Where do you work?

    this is a great idea! here's mine: http://www.thedacare.org then click on hospitals and go to theda clark and you'll see my "home away from home!!"