Is anyone else intimadated by the Pre-Req race followed by the applic + accept race?


So, I am just getting started even though I have wanted to do so since I was like 18, and I am now 23 with a four year old. I have been in college the entire time f***** off with my General education classes even though deep in my heart I always wanted to be a nurse and mostly a doctor. I had a pretty rough childhood so in High School I d never got the chance to put myself into my classes, I moved a lot and ended up going to around 15 schools. Anyways college is where I have found myself trying to figure things out. And I really feel like I am going to nursing but I have so much doubt about myself. Getting the preqs, passing them, applying and getting accepted, all while I am harboring these doubts. I am working on it but is anyone else out there going through this???


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Yes, I doubt myself all the time. I dont know if Im going to be accepted and even if I am, I dont know if I can even make it. Half the students in the LPN program at my school quit or failed this year. They graduate in a few short weeks for the ones who stuck it out. After that, I even have doubts that I will be able to get a job or keep one.

Starting college at 36 was the hardest thing Ive ever done in my life. I was scared of failing. I still am, but the way I have dealt with it so far, is to not look too far ahead. I know where Im going , but I dont dwell on the challenges to come. I take it 1 class at a time, 1 exam at a time. Week by week. If I did more than that, I would be too overwhelmed and quit.

Im 39 now with 4 kids and still doing pre-reqs. You are young and have your whole life in front of you. Everything will be okay, just take it 1 step at a time. I know you are an experienced college student, but do not bite off more than you can chew. The science classes are very time consuming, know your limits. I dont know anyone who has taken A&P and Micro at the same time and been able to get A's. Mabye there are some on here, but at my school we students talk a lot, and I have yet to find anyone.


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Yes...I don't know if i am intimidated...more of scared as hell


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Discouraged and disheartened would be more accurate for me.

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I think you will find that the majority of students who have pursued a nursing career are or have been in your shoes. The closer I get to being able to apply for nursing school, the harder my heart beats in my chest. There are nights I lay awake in bed "daydreaming" of what my future holds. Will I be accepted the first time I apply? Will I be able to handle the demanding schedule of working full time and being enrolled in nursing school? Will I be able to maintain my grades? It is so very exciting, and so completely frightening at the same time. Just take one day at a time, because you can't control much of anything past that.

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Discouraged and disheartened would be more accurate for me.



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I'm more worried about finding a job once I complete the LPN-RN transitional program. I start in August.

I like school and do well, got my LPN license in October and I still haven't found a job.

Its taken me years to knock out the pre-reqs for RN, I'm finishing up the last class this semester.

Try not to focus any further than your current semester. I know I get overwhelmed if I think too much about what's coming up down the line.


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I feel pretty discouraged myself as I take these pre req classes with girls right out of high school who don't have a worry on their back, well they may be worrying about their make-up or where they will go on Friday night! I feel like I have everything stacked against me like having to work full time and my #1 priority my family!


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i went back to LPN school after being a stay at home mom for 19 yrs.....i have been a LPN for 2 yrs now....(JUNE),i got a job 2 weeks after graduating....even before my lic....while working i have gone back and forth on going on to this dec i decided to enroll for 2 classes....chem and intermediate ALg..the only 2 pre reqs i need for the RN program.....i hate math,i FEAR these 2 classes are hard for me...but i am pulling off high 80s in both....i also have alot of classes that transfer from my first AAS degree way back in 83.....i am scared to death....some days i think...what are you doin....others i am so excited.....we also became grandparents last july and love daughter and her family live right up the road so i see them almost everyday.....but sometimes i feel gulity cause i cant have my grandson as much as i would,study study.....sometimes i think about that too.....

good luck to all on your pre reqs!! we can DO this!!!!:yeah:

oh..i am 47...



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Wow, all that was super encouraging. And for you older women out there, from what I understand you guys do the best in nursing problems, the youngersters are the ones that don't quite make it.

And as far as taking Chemistry and Anatomy, at my school Anatomy and Physio are two seperate classes, so I think I can do it, especially since I am not going to be working.

I am sure we'll make it. Thanks for all the encouragement, and if anyone needs it be sure to post it on this page!!

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You have to keep your hopes up! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't accomplish it. You have potential to control where you want to be. Just follow the guidance and advice of others who have been there. If its meant to be, then it will happen.


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I liked the "take it one day at a time" advice. It's true. I have been through a lot to get to where I am (I start nursing school in the fall) but everyone has.

In our orientation the instructor said that everyone pretty much enters the program thinking about what all it took to get there, not knowing what all it'll take to get out!

This field is for people who persevere in the face of adversity. You can do this, and you will. :yeah: