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I'm a nursing student . Nursing is my passion. I loveeeee it! I crave to learn all that is needed for me to excel in my field. I believe being a nurse is the closest thing to being an angel on Earth.

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  1. MandaTaye

    Forsyth/Guilford Tech Spring 2012

    Hey guys, I'm tentatively scheduled to graduate in May from FTCC. Your first semester you will pick #'s to decide your section (draw from a hat). From then on they just put you in a clinical group each semester. It's very tough. You'll have to dedicate your whole life to it. Social life, cleaning your house, sometimes even sleeping comes second to school. As tough as it is to get in, it's even tougher to stay in. Make good grades from the get go so you don't have to go into final having to make a big grade cause it'll give you grey hairs. I promise. Lay low and expect to feel stupid for the duration of the program...because you are. So much to learn in such little time. I'd read all about the nursing process - assessment - diagnosis - planning - interventions - evaluation... youtube videos on how to give intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular shots. etc. You will learn, learn learn. Nursing school = your life. I remember being this excited.. its refreshing to see again. You can do anything you want to, but be prepared..because it takes 100% commitment. You have to read and you have to study - a lot. Oh, and you'll probably be broke at some point.. LOL... Good luck to all of you. :)
  2. Personally, I had to comment. Nursing school is the hardest thing I've ever done period, as I assume most of you agree. I have encountered wonderful nurses, but majority of the time even the CNA's are disrespectful to us. Angry because we have to use their glucometers instead of being grateful that we took a patient off of their load. Nurses who make us wait 30 minutes to get report on one patient. Ridiculous stuff like that. I do feel sometimes that my status as a student is being tested. Heck, even the patients remark about how i'm "learning" everytime I go into their room. You feel small. You don't know enough and it personally gives me a great deal of anxiety. OF course there are instructors some places who like to exert their power in negative ways to embarass or overwhelm a student purposefully to make themselves feel better. I have seen them. I know there are bigger picture lessons here but making middle-aged second career adults cry by demeaning them nonconstructively in front of their peers is hard. You have to remember, that when you're a nurse it's a LOT different from nursing school so there's a better capacity for stress, but as a student you're broke, socially isolated, overwhelmed, fatigued, anxious, etc. I think you can get those lessons across in gentler ways. We need to remember our core foundation of caring for each other which thankfully, i've also been able to witness several times throughout school. I also agree that condescending others advice is nontherapeutic. Remember therapeutic communication techniques??? Anyway, just wanted to bring some reality back into the picture. We're allowed two absences from January - May in clinical and we go twice a week. They allow NO tardies. Two weeks ago I had snow on my car and was on outrotation. My mapquest sent me to the wrong entrance that was four miles away from the right one. 5 minutes late and I had to go home. Gas tank on E anyway, and I cried the whole way home. That means I can only miss one more day from now (February) to May or have one tardy and everything I've done means nothing. Is that really reasonable considering you have single mothers who have to hire babysitters to watch their children who may be late?? As a nurse, you could afford daycare. I wonder how many patients were exposing forcing our students to go regardless if theyre sick or healthy. If they have no absences left they're going to go. What if one day they open the paper and so and so died on their way to clnical cause they didn't want all those nights without sleep to mean nothing? Compassion. Let's get back to a LITTLE of that. This is my personal opinion and even if I did have the time to debate any of this i'm too tired. Just my two cents.
  3. MandaTaye

    Applicants to forsyth techs 2011 adn program

    You can just repeat the course but by the time you withdraw the day you apply has passed..so you wait a semester and take other classes. My advice would be to be prepared for nursing school to be your LIFE.. You will have no friends, your house will be messy...but you'll have a wonderful family made upon your school mates :) BK is an example of one of mine :) Study everything in the chapter. Relying on powerpoints will get you no where. Oh yeah, and don't cry in clinical. Your'e going to feel stupid...but everyone feels that way.
  4. MandaTaye

    Celebrate Your Fall 2010 Acceptances Here!!!

    Wow...to those of you who mentioned drug screening... does the school pay for that or you?? I wondered if there were some schools out there that drug tested. Mine doesn't!
  5. MandaTaye

    Forsyth Tech - ADN - Fall 2010

    tmgordon, do you have facebook... we're all on there...
  6. MandaTaye

    ranking points for forsyth tech ADN

    I have a feeling you're going to get in..haha.! :)
  7. MandaTaye

    NC CNA Skills Guide

    Anytime!!! Good luck :)
  8. MandaTaye

    NC CNA Skills Guide

    http://www.asisvcs.com/indhome.asp?CPCat=0734NURSE :)
  9. MandaTaye

    A&P Textbook

    I used Hole's Human Anatomy & Physiology 12th edition for my A & P I & II classes.
  10. MandaTaye

    A & P Help

    I really dislike shortened Anatomy courses because there's sooooo much information. My advice to you would be to go ahead and accept that you will be studying pretty much all the time, and when youre not studying youll feel guilty about not studying and you won't be really enjoying yourself. It was hell. I've been doing it for the past year. Finally glad to be done. Break it up into sections as much as possible and focus on one section at a time. For example, for the integumentary system (skin) you could study the anatomy of a fingernail ...then proceed to the hair...etc. I pretty much got every anatomy help book they had. Cliffs notes..some coloring books... etc. I didn't even color in mine. I took both of my A & P's online so I didn't have instructor help AT ALL! It is possible. It's a temporary form of torture. You will get through this..and be amazed at what all you've learned at the end of the semester. I often find myself describing body parts or injuries and my friends are like... "huh?? axillary..what..??" When you have to convert it back to civilian terms you realize how much you've learned. Whatever you do...do what it takes to make a "B". A "C" is just not competitive in Anatomy and it's often what nursing schools look at most. It is the class that will be most like your nursing classes. You'll be fine... remember.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS! Good luck :)
  11. Very helpful!!! Thanks :)
  12. MandaTaye

    Have you taken online A/P at NVCC in Virginia?

    Did both of my anatomy's at this school.. loved it..and it transfered. I start nursing school in the fall :)
  13. MandaTaye

    Forsyth Tech - ADN - Fall 2010

    Yeah, if you haven't finished Anatomy that's why you didn't get in. They want to see how you do in that class first. What grade do you think you're making in 165?? 160 is more than enough points to get in. You should be in like flynn :) Use that time to learn as much as you can before you get in.... that way it'll be easier.
  14. MandaTaye

    Forsyth Tech - ADN - Fall 2010

    Dixie - It happens all the time, actually. But I know you'd rather know... What are your plans if you don't get in this semester? And you're right about the poor job outlook for new grads in this area. It's bad. Even BSN's are having difficulty finding jobs. I believe by the time we get out though with Obama's healthcare reform there will be a lot more people with access to care and therefore a greater need for healthcare providers and their assistants.
  15. MandaTaye

    Forsyth Tech - ADN - Fall 2010

    Well I'm one of those people who get crap done as soon as I can... so yes, I have ordered the uniform and yes I have ordered my books. My hints?? Go to half.com or even amazon.com and save yourself a lot of money on the books. I went to the bookstore and wrote down all the prices to ensure I was getting the best deal, and I saved about $200 bucks by not buying my books at the bookstore. I ordered my uniform but the lady said she wouldnt have them ready until majority of the people had ordered. I kinda think this is crap because I want my uniform NOW to ensure it fits and everything. We probably won't get them until the end of July. Also gotta pay for malpractice insurance ($18 bucks, not bad), and all that other crap. Just renewed my CPR certification last Friday. If you can PM... PM me your name so I can add you on facebook.
  16. MandaTaye

    Older Student/Over 60 years old

    It's never to late too follow your dreams. Obstacles are those things you see when you take your eye off the prize