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  1. [font=courier new]i just want to say a big thank-you to my fellow nurses from all nurses who have been a big support to my family recently.anyone who knows me through here will know that we had a car crash a year ago. dh has been suffering from lower back problems since then and due to the insurance system over here and big bills, wouldnt go for more treatment until i was re-employed in a hospital where the benefits were ok. so the last treatment that he had was in march. so 5 weeks ago he told me he had chest pain, thought that it was stress related to his back, but eventually ended up in er, had a cardiac work-up, then the cath lab where they placed 2 stents and then saw the ortho doctor. he had an mri done the day before the cath lab. the ortho guy told him that he had a disc compressing his spinal column which was slowly paralysing him, if not sooner rather than later, so he had to have an op. they protected the stents with iv, heparin and then integrilin. had the op, bone grafted and replced one disc and repaired the next one down. was in hospital for 3 weeks, and then a week later was back in, as he was vomitting, and hypotensive, so they scoped him and he has gastritis and they gave him a gastric emptying series and his stomach is slow to empy---narcotic induced. so we are now at home recovering, a lot better than last discharge but still rough and week. he has to literally have a soft bland diet and plenty of meds.
    [font=courier new]want to thank madwife and her family who are our rock, betty boop who flew to be with us, scotnurse and english nurse and silvedragon and siri, who are all there for us, and anyone that i forgot to throw in. a big hug to you all.....
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  3. by   sirI
    Bless your heart, cariad. Ya'll have been through so much.

    I hope and pray that the worse is behind you two.

    Please take care of yourself, hon.

  4. by   Silverdragon102
    ((((hugs)))) cariad, am here anytime you need something Hopefully the worst is over
  5. by   letina
    Had no sorry for all you're going through and hope things start to improve for your DH.

    It's not easy being sick/injured here is it? Besides having to deal with ill-health, dealing with the insurance is very frustrating isn't it?

    Take good care of yourself too cariad ((((hugs))))
  6. by   Sabby_NC
    Awww such a beautiful post... You have been through the mill by the sounds of it.
    If I can help in anyway do let me know. *hugs*
  7. by   english_nurse
    i am glad things are going in the right direction now for you both, its the scariest thing when a loved one is ill
    i didnt realise exactly how ill poor hubby had been, i really feel for you both and am sending you all my love

  8. by   DDRN4me
    (((( cariad)))) have been thinking about you and wondering how you were... sorry this has been so rough! Prayers for a better time coming!! Mary
  9. by   ayla2004
    oh that sounds so bad, lad he is on te getting better side of ill.
  10. by   rgnscot
    hi, cariad... hope things go well for you and your,e SO... keep strong.. and stay healthy yourself.. aggy xx
  11. by   RGN1
    Oh my Cariad - I'm really sorry for you all - what a baptism of fire you've had! I hope that you can put this all behind you really soon.
  12. by   suehp
    Hi Cariad,

    ((((hugs)))) to you..... hope you are doing ok - been thinking about you....