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Ok firstly I wish to address some issues. I said that my husband is boring. He is boring if you knew him you would say the same. Im not saying that he isn't a nice and caring guy, but he is boring.... Read More

  1. by   caroladybelle
    Quote from lacie
    To respond to your tread, you don't know me and you dont know the situation.Maybe if you did you wouldnt have been so rude. The message might have sounded harsh but you don't know my husband or me so please dont judge me by a person who was blowing off steam.

    Are you marriage? Do you have any experence on the matter
    I wonder.........................
    We are judging you and the situation by what you have posted. And judging by what you have posted, you sound a bit mismatched. Many of us would be happy with "boring" and could care less how many pictures that Inlaws have in their photo albums. That you are this fussy over mere pictures speaks volumes about what you find valuable in life.

    And everone has the right to blow off steam here, but by the same token, everyone has the right to comment as they see fit.
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    Quote from kbella126
    I gave EVERYONE in his family a 5 x 7 picture of us, and gave the parents a 8 x 10, ha ha!

    The above suggestion is one that appeals to me, as being an arrogant and rude jerk that people here have discovered, I love to irritate everone, especially both sides of our family.

    Some sisters and sister-in-laws are just jealous and spitful so there is nothing you can or should do to win them over.

    Some mother-in-laws will never understand why their son or daughter chose you and why you don't jump when they say boo.

    Ask your husband to send all his relatives a family portrait. Get him to send an extra big one of just you to your sister-in-law for her album. I am being serious now Lacie - if not the picture then something else. He should want to do something to keep you. Perhaps say that you are leaving next Friday with the kids unless HE thinks of something to get you to stay. Actually leaving him may be the prompt needed and if not then why stay together?

    I am still waiting to find out why HE doesn't want sex at 26. I don't want to appear arrogant again but he makes me look good as I am proud to say that even though I'm much older, I can still give my wife 2 minutes of moderate pleasure (including I minute of foreplay) every blue moon.
  3. by   Energizer Bunny I right in thinking it isn't the lack of being in the pictures that bothers you but the fact that they just don't seem to care if you are included? Wondering.......(that is how it is in my marriage....his family just does their own thing and if you aren't born with their last name, forget it!)
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    Quote from Husband
    MellowOne, however, seems a bit of a SNAG so he will probably appreciate your apology.
    LOL...what's a SNAG? Can't be good.....

    Be well...

    The Mellow One
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    Quote from Dixen81
    MellowOne, I read your posts on this subject from the previous thread, and I don't think you're a chauvanist pig like some other women do.

    I believe that if a woman treats her husband like a king, he will in turn treat her like a queen, and vice versa. At least that's how it is in my marriage.
    Why, thank you. I've been validated.

    I simply don't understand the hostility toward the concept that part of a spouse's role is to help fulfill the other spouse's needs. Is this generation really that selfish?

    Be well...

    The Mellow One
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    Quote from scrubs70
    My appologies to both husband and mellow one.
    Don't worry about. When discussing stuff in online forums, one thing that folks can't do is to take stuff personally. Still, the apology is appreciated. Shows an open mind and honest heart.

    Be well...

    The Mellow One
  7. by   Husband

    Google says that a SNAG is a Sensitive New-Age Guy – A man who listens to his partner, is sensitive to her (or his) concerns, and gives them lots of space. It was once a good way for a man to describe himself if he wanted to get laid (but not now).

    I was joking again MellowOne and I don’t think that either of us are snags, although Lacie’s "Boring" sounds like a bit of a wimp so he could be one.