1. Hi!

    It`s been a long time since my last post. Now, I am a newly grad RN.

    When I got my license I was finally happy - I thought I would be able to work in a real medical setting (i.e. hospital), and say good-bye to my unsecured part time jobs.

    But that was just a fantasy. I applied @ 5 hospitals, and after 5-6 days I got a phone call from a well known hospital. The lady there assured me that I have absolutely zero chances of working in that place, because I`m not yet specialized.

    So..after 1 year and a half of studying, passing several exams, spending almost $2000 I ended up with what? I ended up with a worthless piece of pink paper!

    It seems that on the job training is a thing of the past. I guess there is no shortage of nurses in Canada - there is only a shortage of brains!

    The Unhappy RN (now I`m allowed to use this title...at least I have something) :roll
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  3. by   epg_pei
    That sounds outta whack if you ask me. Is it your location? The jobs you're applying for? Something just doesn't sound right with that. Keep your spirits up RN!
  4. by   gwenith
    Ditto the above - and remember it might just be teh time of year - are there a lot of other new grads competing for jobs? Keep tryign - you wil get there.
  5. by   silentmonolith
    My location is right (I am pretty close to a big hospital), and my record is spotless.

    Any advices?
  6. by   J. Tigana
    Are you applying for jobs which require specialization, for example jobs in the icu. Or Jobs which require experience and or further education? Keep your head up
    BY the way i remember reading a research article, written in British Columbia, which stated that due to the lack of available experienced nurses the hospital in question hired newly qualified nurses to work on their nursing bank ( i beleive this is called per diem). The research isn't relevant to this discussion. Is working for agency or hospital nursing banks a viable way for you to gain experience.
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  7. by   epg_pei
    The part that gets me is the lady who said you have "...absolutely zero chances of working in that place..." That to me sounds like a bunch of poo. I'm just a student, so maybe I don't know enough about things to be giving advice, but it seems to me every large hospital would have some need for new grads, at some point.
  8. by   fergus51
    I would think med-surg jobs would abound. It's true few places will train you on the job for specialty areas without some recent experience, but have you tried a general medical or even geriatric ward?
  9. by   teeituptom
    Hang in there
    Dont give up
  10. by   healthyone

    i know the other writers are trying to be supportive by being positive...but being realistic is important, too.

    i am also a new grad in medium sized city. i am having the same difficulty securing full time/part time work in a large hospital setting. and i don't think theres that much competition out there since many new grads weren't able to graduate due to sars.

    i also went for a job on a general medicine ward and was promptly turned down that i didn't have experience--some one else was selected. and they knew i was a new grad.

    i, too, hope the whole 'nursing shortage' thing isn't just a big cover up. i hope we new grads dont have to end up working 2-3 casual jobs just to make up one paycheck.

    lets keep trying and do our best. pm me...and let's talk about it.

  11. by   Little One2
    Hi Silentmonolith,

    I don't where your from. But, where I live, the job market for nursing slows down at this time of year due to budgeting. There has been a hiring freeze. Because of sars, the hospitals have not been having interviews.

    Some hospitals may have job offerings in the downtown area for new grads. But again, I don't know where you live. It is hard being a new grad to find work. May start with more then one job.

    Be positive. You became a nurse for a reason. There is a job out there for you. Don't give up. That lady was not professional in what she said to you.

    Perhaps starting with a nursing agency will get you some experience.

    Good luck!

  12. by   silentmonolith
    I live in the Finch West area (Toronto) - I applied @ 5 major hospitals, and all I got was a lousy phone call from one of them.

    Could anyone recommend me a good nursing agency which deals with newly grads?

    The Unhappy RN
  13. by   nakitamoon
    silent,,,,,,,, I am sorry to hear about your experiences,,,,, so far,,,, the right job will come along,,,,

    I am very far away from Canada,,,, so giving advise,,, about the area,,,,, I can't,,,,,

    Do have to ditto,,, some of the posts,,,, time of year,,,, you may have to take a job in an area,, you don't exactly want,, to get your foot in the door,,,,,

    Have you done a follow up to the other 4 hospitals,,,, maybe they have just been swamped,,,, let them,,,, know how interested you are,,,,,

    Try not to get down over this,,,, You will work,,, and You will end up in the specialty of your choice,,,,, just keep your eye on the goal,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. by   nurseman
    Originally posted by silentmonolith
    I live in the Finch West area (Toronto) - I applied @ 5 major hospitals, and all I got was a lousy phone call from one of them.

    Could anyone recommend me a good nursing agency which deals with newly grads?

    The Unhappy RN

    I had a classmate who liked them. Never used them my self.

    You should look at workopolis to try finding a job in Canada.

    Did you ever think about going up North?