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  1. hi everyone! i am a relatively new nurse, got my RN in ontario in oct '03 and have sort of been bumping around trying to find a spot for myself since then. sars really slowed down my progress because of the hiring freeze, but am now in a position where i can really look seriously...i have put a bit of a resume together between casual work and agency. so my question is, where do people think is a good place to go as a new RN? i'm a hard worker, but i don't do very well with politics in the workplace. i've discovered about myself that i cope well with moderate caseloads (even heavy when needed) and can organize myself well to get the job done, but so far i've struggled when i'm placed in the charge nurse position. i'm more of a team player, than a team leader and really prefer it that way. so in a nutshell, i'm looking for the type of hospital where i do floor nursing on a med/surg type unit, preferably where i don't have to direct or co-work with RPN's...no offense (i originally just wanted to be an rpn) but at my current job that i work better with rn's than rpns and the RPN's have done more competing with me than actual helping me out. i've noticed that RN's are sometimes pushed into rotating into charge nurse position or pt care managing while the rpn's do more bedside care. i actually really like working at the bedside and would like to just do that for now: meds, am/hs care, treatments, orders, etc for a caseload. i would really appreciate any help at all if you know of hospitals that you've had good experience with or even specific floors/departments. i have a car and am willing to travel anywhere from whitby to oakville/brampton area and even as far north as york central; although for convenience would prefer something more central. open and private emails welcome. thanx so much! healthyone.
  2. hi...i started with agency work recently and just got my first check. whoa!! so much tax was taken off i couldn't believe it. when i first signed up with the agency and we had to get the paperwork done i thought i checked off the right box to indicate that i would sort out my taxes myself at the end of the year with my accountant. when i phoned my agency, they said "no, it's not done that way at all" . i was sure that that was how agency worked, that you are more or less an independent contractor and that it's up to you to manage your taxes. can anyone offer any suggestions for me? thanks.
  3. healthyone

    toronto agency pay for new RN's??

    thanks fergus, i think i will enjoy it. for me making mid to high 20's is good money esp. considering my new grad skill level and the fact that i can learn at a more realistic pace. i'm hoping to agency mainly at one facility so i can really learn what i'm doing. wish me luck and good luck to all new grads out there!
  4. healthyone

    toronto agency pay for new RN's??

    yes, they have...its under $30 per hour. so i wasnt' overly impressed by that, but i like it because it's not as 'big' an agency as some of the other big ones in t.o.--ie., SRT, VHA, carecor. a bit more laid back, and so i'm hoping that that will translate into slightly "lower" or shall i say, more realistic expectations from a new grad. she conveyed to me that a lot of other new grads work at this agency, so i figure if they can manage i should be able to aswell. i'm just a little hesitant because of the pay...its "okay" for now, but i think i'll have to move on when i get more interested in doing agency work on a hospital floor. if i'm going to go into that kind of a fast-paced environment with so many more responsibilities, i certainly want more than $30/hr as an incentive. for now, the experience of working in a nursing home and doing med-passes and getting used to how this whole thing works will be good experience at a pace i can handle. i just wish the pay were better. healthyone
  5. healthyone

    toronto agency pay for new RN's??

    i'm only interested in doing agency nursing home work for now--no hospital acute med/surg. the agency i've contacted gave me the impression that many new grads start there (or casual work) do you know of any new grads who have done that?
  6. healthyone

    toronto agency pay for new RN's??

    GTA--greater toronto area ...thanx for info!
  7. healthyone

    toronto agency pay for new RN's??

    agency pay for new RN's? Post #1 does anyone know what the approximate pay rate is for agency hospital work in GTA (for a new RN)? also is there premium pay if you are called in last minute and if so what is that? can someone please advise. thanks healthyone
  8. healthyone

    agency pay for new RN's?

    does anyone know what the approximate pay rate is for agency hospital work in GTA (for a new RN)? also is there premium pay if you are called in last minute and if so what is that? can someone please advise. thanks healthyone:nurse:
  9. healthyone

    danger pay

    i believe danger pay has existed on the quiet at some facilities since the onset of sars. i have a collegue who works at scar. grace who was earning danger pay back in march
  10. healthyone

    How DO you study (CPNE)?

    i used a fabric doll for pretty much all my skills. then when i got comfortable with that, i used my mom. there was a big difference! but i'm still glad i got started with the doll because i could practise whenever i wanted, whereever i wanted, and whatever skills i wanted. got me used to the whole routine of giving care the 'EC' way and within a reasonable timeframe. i worked up to doing about 6-8 areas of care including the basic vitals, fluid, and mobility and then tried to do various combinations of the others. including changing iv bags, sterile dressings and yes..even tube feeds. Ha! when i finally got to cpne i felt ready. i mean nothing can 100% prepare you for that experience but i came pretty damn close. got all my supplies from the hospital and made a make-shift treatment room at home. passed cpne with no repeat pts and only 1 repeat lab. you sound very committed to this and know you can do this!! i too, was not an lpn, but another type of acute care health professional with hospital exposure. get that hosp experience, even if it's a simple as being in the environment. even as a care volunteer. that would really help. chancellor's lab was great--well worth the money. good luck. pm me if you need more info healthyone
  11. healthyone


    silent, a friend of mine works at a sars affected hospital part-time, and therefore can't work at her other hospital. so she decided to sign up with an agency that she's worked with before and it was a good experience...SRT
  12. healthyone

    How is your hospital prepared for SARS?

    first case of sars in russia in a township bordering china. it was a gentleman who worked in a hotel that many orientals frequented. they've now closed their borders with china in an effort to contain the disease. my question is: why hasn't canada done the same? they sure have enough sick (and dead) people around now to warrant the need for this.
  13. healthyone


    thanks for suggestions and encouragement! while i've been waiting i have taken critical care courses, 1 day stand alone review courses in central lines and pain pump. i'll get something...in the meantime i'm "lowering" my standards (if it even needs to be called that) and will likely go to agency and/or rehab care just to get going. by the way, mount sinai does have sars!! don't you remember "the runaway-nurse on the GO"? (laugh)
  14. healthyone

    Current news on EMT acceptance for EC

    wow...that really sucks for emt's or those that thought they may be able to work towards 1000 hours and get into the school. they just changed to that requirement at the end of last year. that is just barely enough time to put 1000 clinical hours together. i wonder what prompted this change and if it has something to do with that the enrollment numbers are too high, % of those failing cpne too high making the school look like a money pit. just a thought.
  15. healthyone


    any suggestions please for my situation?? sars has held me back for 2 1/2 months now.
  16. healthyone


    people have given good suggestions for getting started in a slow market... can someone pls. post more advice on a plan to get into acute care hospital? im in the exact same position as silent and now with the new sars break, likely my job placement will be pushed back even further. what is the best track to enter acute care hospital?? a) go with agency and then apply to the hospital you agency with for as an agency? how long with agency before applying--3 months, a year? still wondering are there any good agencies out there that provide training. b) go with chronic care--ie., extendicare, runnymede, rehab complex continuing care and then apply to acute? any specific LTC centres in GTA that give a good rotation without being overwhelmed with only FTT, or palliative patients? i hope ive worded this okay, without trying to sound too fussy. i'm just worried that it's taking so long to get placed somewhere. p.s. -- and with the new sars cases i'm also hoping that the job fair in june wont be cancelled thanx