Can I Take NCLEX in Cali w Tourist Visa?

  1. Hi Guys! I just want to know. Im planning to go to LA this Feb and im just wondering if I can process my application there then take the test there. Thanks!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Quote from michiko
    Hi Guys! I just want to know. Im planning to go to LA this Feb and im just wondering if I can process my application there then take the test there. Thanks!

    It is going to take you about four to five months to get permission to sit for the exam, and then another 2 1/2 weeks to get your results. Not a smart move, especially with the retrogression right will be sitting around until you need to return home.

    If you want to come to the US for a visit, great. But if coming to stay, and you do not even have permission to sit for the exam, not a good thing to do.
  4. by   kalayaan
    it only took me 2 months to get my permission to sit in the exam. i filed august and got mine october, i filed it in california. i consider myself lucky, bec like suzanne says, it takes a long time to get the ATT, especially in California. you can take the exam with a tourist visa but if you declare it on entry im not sure if theyll let u in. take suzannes advice, file it in the philippines, dont wait til you get there.
  5. by   batasMTR_RN
    PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU DECLARE IT OR IF THEY FIND OUT YOU are witholding the information to them, that is tantamount to lying... my friend was asked abouthis purpose and he said he will take the exam... the imigrationofficer said "goodluck" and stamped "6 months"

    but sometimes its a case to case basis...

  6. by   nindot
    why not try to plan to come here when you already have your ATT, then you can take the exam here and who knows if you pass you would be able to find a hospital who will be willing to sponsor you, that's what my friend did.
  7. by   tsuyaks
    I took the exam here on a tourist visa but I came here when I got the ATT and ready to take the exam. Took it in Sept and got the result in Oct and my employer filed a petition before the cut-off. Be sure that when you come visas for nurses will be available. It is not a good idea to become out of status here.
  8. by   amber_snow
    HI tsuyaks! So you mean you brought your ATT with u? Didn't immigrations check on your ATT????
  9. by   Silverdragon102
    bad move with the retrogression because you can not risk getting out of status which could easily happen.
  10. by   flight027
    Suppose you have your ATT and you go to the US on a tourist visa, is there a chance that you would be denied entry? On the other hand, would it be safer to not disclose the information that you're taking the nclex? If you don't disclose this information, what are the consequences? Won't immigration find out as you enter the US?

    This is my dilemna: I've already started filing my application and I'm guessing I might get my go-ahead from the state board by April to register with Pearson Vue. I want to go to the US and take the NCLEX there, but I'm afraid that there's a chance that I might be denied entry if I disclose that I'll be taking the NCLEX when I'm there. Apart from that, the retrogression has made our situation more complicated than in the past. Any advice?
  11. by   batasMTR_RN
    as i have told you, my friend went here last august, with att, hewas asked what his reason for visiting USA, he told the imigration officer that he is taking the nclex, he was aked where was his att and he showed it.. he was granted entry... they would not want you to lie so just be honest...
  12. by   lawrence01
    If you want my opinion. I really don't see any advantage of taking it in the US right now (retrogression), even if you already have your ATT. When you pass the NCLEX, you can't do anything about it anyway since during retrogression you can't file for Adj. of Status (AOS) and for EAD (Employment Authorization Document) w/c permits you to work while adjusting status.

    You can file for I-140 but that's about it and that alone can't permit you to do anything and will have to go back to your home country. You would have just taken the NCLEX in a more expensive route for nothing when you can have just taken it in HK or Saipan and undergo Consular Processing where you can go thru from packet 1 to 3. JMHO. :spin:
  13. by   bebe_ko
    Actually, this is what bothers me. I also wanted to take the exam in California but i don't have a tourist visa yet. I have my ATT already though and i'm planning to file for a tourist visa but i'm afraid i'll be denied since one of my reasons would be taking the nclex. I'm not really well informed on how to go about it. I have read also that if you have a job offer even though you didn't pass the nclex yet, you can already file for an immigrant visa. is this true? anyway, i'm still not decided though on what to do next..i just hope i'll be able to decide before my ATT expires
  14. by   genwaku
    hi just to clarify - i assume I MAY take the nclex exam in cali. if i have my att already, right? i mean, if money wasn't an issue and i have a tourist visa, I MAY take it there right? i'm planning to simply take the exam there and then go back to the phils. after and to fix all the necessary papers needed for my immig. here in the phils. (granted that retrogression has already been lifted). i'm asking 'cause i'm planning to go there to visit some friends and i thought of also taking the test there... and then come back here after taking the exam. so, will that be okay?