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  1. flight027

    Grad school reqt's

    Thanks suzanne and pinoyNP, great help. I guess my decision to take TOEFL instead of IELTS will eventually pay off then. pinoyNP, I notice that most schools in the US offer MS in Nsg, while most schools in the Phils. offer MA in Nsg. Since, you've already gone to grad school, would you know the differences in focus between an MSN and an MAN program? Also, what are the reqts for an NP program and how long is it? Thanks.
  2. flight027

    Grad school reqt's

    Graduate schools in the US currently require the TOEFL and GRE before an international student is allowed to enrol in a graduate class. I think a full-education CES report is also rquired. But what if you're an immigrant with a permanent resident visa, will US schools-- particularly nursing grad schools-- still require you to take the TOEFL and GRE? Anybody? Thanks.
  3. flight027

    Any Foreign Nurse working toward ToEFL???

    If you're planing to take the TOEFL, get the TOEFL iBT exam since it already integrates all the four parts -- reading, listening, speaking and writing. I don't know about UAE or other countries, but in the Phils. the TOEFL iBT is the only exam being offered. The other TOEFL exams have been phased out. The ETS official guide to TOEFL iBT and Barron's TOEFL iBT book are both very useful. Based on my experience, you'll need at least a month to prepare for the exam. Practice a lot using the computer. It would be best if you can get a coach to give you feedback especially in the speaking part. The speaking part is the most difficult in the exam because of the time pressure. In one exercise, you'll be made to summarize a conversation, recommend a course of action, and explain why you made that recommendation--not very easy if you're not fluent in English because you only have 30 seconds to prepare your answer and 60 seconds to say everything. And that's just one exercise. The entire exam is about 4 to 5 hours, with a 10-minute break, so it's not only tiring mentally, but physically exhausting as well.
  4. flight027

    Assessment in NZ

    Thank you so much for responding and providing this information. I wondering though, would a nursing license from Illinois in the US qualify as a valid US license. I mean, some states require that one has to have a social security number before being issued a license. That means, for a foreigner, you either have an employer already or an immigrant visa to get an SSN. However, in Illinois, where my application is currently being processed, the state board will issue you a license even without an SSN. So I was wondering, is it enough to just have a US nursing license without an SSN, to make the cut or at least reach the minimum requirement looked at by the NZ nursing board so that the assessment program can be waived? I am only exploring possible scenarios. Thanks.
  5. flight027

    Assessment in NZ

    Hi, Hope you could help out a Filipino nurse looking to work in NZ. I was just reading the application info from the NZ Nursing Council Web site and it says that applicants need to go through an assessment first. If you score low on the assessment, you'd have to go through a competency training program. What qualification would be equivalent to a NZ nursing standard aside from being licensed in Australia? Does passing the NCLEX qualify as an equivalent qualification? I know that having a license in the Phils is a req't, but what other qualification must an applicant meet in order to reach that equivalent standard set by NZ? Any information would be truly appreciated. Thank you.
  6. flight027

    Medical Shorthand Symbols

    All nursing texbooks used in the Philippines are either from the US or are based on US publications. Except for the community nursing textbook, which extensively discussess local health programs, all nursing books, including locally-authored ones, use mostly American references.
  7. flight027

    2nd Degree Coursers

    If you're coming from the US as an immigrant or a citizen wanting to study in the Philippines, better file for a student visa, instead of the regular tourist visa. i know someone who had trouble with US immigration and she had to repeat her classes. better safe than sorry later on.
  8. I don't think you should submit it at all. CGFNS should be the one sending it to CTS. Send a request to CGFNS. I guessing there might be a fee to that, but I think that's the way it's done. Better check with CTS first before you send your CG certificate yourself.
  9. flight027

    PGH feedback

    Anyone here worked at PGH before? Looks like they're hiring. While waiting out the retrogression, might as well, right?
  10. flight027

    Immigration News and Updates

    The Kennedy bill is the same bill that proposed to remove any cap on nurses and PTs. This is good news indeed.
  11. flight027

    Immigration News and Updates

    Hey lawrence, Would you know the exact number of the bill that has the provision on recapturing 90,000 visas? I made a search at the US congress site and had no luck. Is this provision part of the bigger 9/11 bill?
  12. flight027

    Immigration News and Updates

    Hmmmm... Perhaps a possible scenario I see with the Nursing Relief Act is that a nurse may potentially be tied to one employer for 5 or 6 years or more? For a good employer, that's too short. but for a rotten one, that's an eternity of hell. Picture this... an employer agrees to petition you based on the W-1 and puts you on a 3-year contract. Then when you're already in the US, the employer agrees to file a petition for immigrant status in your behalf but only if you sign up for an additonal 3 years with them. Oooh.. very complicated, no? I can't remember if the proposed bill says anything about the length of time you can lawfully stay in the US when your 3 years of nonimmigrant nurse status is up. (Insert here a reminder that all this is purely speculation.)
  13. flight027

    Immigration News and Updates

    I'm neither a lawyer nor an expert on legal matters, but here's my personal take on HR 1358 or the Nursing Relief Act. This is just for discussion's sake and this is by no means an expert interpretation of the bill. Please correct any inacuracies that you may find. The new bill, which was introduced on March 6 in the US Congress, seeks to create a Nonimmigrant Category for Nurses in the US Immigration and Nationality Act. Under this new category, nurses can apply for nonimmigrant status, through a lawful US employer, and be able to work in the US for an initial period of 3 years and which can be extended to a maximum of 6 years. However, this maximum stay rule would not apply to a nurse, under a nonimmigrant status, who already has either an immigrant petition or adjustment of status filed for him not less than 365 days or 1 year before he reaches the 6 years maximum stay. The bill also stipulates that aliens (not the Martian kind!) already in the US can have the Nonimmigrant status filed on their behalf by an employer, and thus extend their stay in the country. Also, those who go through this process may switch employers (provided they have no contractual obligation, of course), just as long as their new employers file for the same Nonimmigrant petition for them. With regard to spouses of the Nonimmigrant nurse, they may be given work permits as well. HR 1358 seeks to allocate up 50,000 slots for alien nurses, but this may be increased to 120% of the allocation (please do the math) if the slots were all used up for a given fiscal year. If the allocated number was not consumed within the specified period, then the allocations would remain at the 50,000 level for the succeeding year. Unlike other visa allocations, the 50,000 would only be given to the principal alien and not to their spouses or children. So, regardless of the number of family members a nurse would be bringing along with him, only one allocated number would be consumed for his application. Out of recaptured 90,000 or 50,000 Schedule A visas last year, only 15,000 was reportedly given to actual nurses. The rest of the allocation was consumed by their accompanying family members. Let's not forget, of course, that the HR 1358 has only been introduced and there is NO ASSURANCE this or other nursing-related bills would get passed into law. Let's all just hope for the best.
  14. flight027

    need help re visascreen application

    Before you request your records from every school you attended, verify with CGFNS first if you need to do so even if your grades have already been integrated in a single transcript from your last school. One person I talked to said CGFNS accepts an integrated transcript. Another person said having multiple records even delayed the processing of his papers and added to the cost because the agency charges an additional $50 or more for every additional school record that they need to evaluate.
  15. flight027

    Help Asap!!!

    if you had really wanted to work in illinois in the first place, i think getting the cgfns certificate, which cost over $400 (!), was the bigger mistake :-) har har har
  16. flight027

    IVT training

    Does anybody know which of these hospitals are accredited by ANSAP? I know that PGH is not, and although they conduct IVT training, you'll need to complete all your required cases in another hospital which is ANSAP accredited. Any information about the other hospitals on the list?

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