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  1. I'd like to know the differences between an MS in Nursing and an MA in Nursing. Like, what roles can you perform after you finish one of them. Also, how are online master courses? Or are on-site classes still better. Any help will be greatly appreciated:yeah: Thanks!!
  2. kalayaan

    Need help with finding placement

    it might be bec visas for nurses are on hold for the moment.
  3. kalayaan

    career growth in the OR

    thanks everyone! it took a while to get a reply, but it was worth the wait.
  4. kalayaan

    AOS and EAD

    congrats mtreyes
  5. kalayaan

    International nursing students in the US

    wow, the 6 months is pretty harsh, considering you studied here. i know some that came from abroad that were hired immediately and they were not put on probation. if you can convince them to file the petition in the next 2 weeks you can make it. otherwise, youre too late. why dont you try looking for a hospital now that can file the eb3 and aos now. you have to move quickly. if you dont make it, hopefully the retrogression will be over once the duration of your opt is over. whats important is you get a hospital to sponsor you.
  6. kalayaan

    Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    A nurse on the OB floor reviewing notes saw this on a chart: student nurse writes: Breasts engorged and lactating. Encouraged to breastfeed newborn. Nurse questions the student nurse in front of the whole group and decides to "punish" student nurse. Turns out that the patient on the chart was one of the few ones on the floor in for a D&C.
  7. kalayaan

    Supreme Court's Decision regarding NLE

    again, i didnt say that you should or should not take the NLE. what i mean is that if it will take 3-5 years before someone can get employed in the US bec of the retrogression then it might be a long time being stagnant. so one must think wisely on whatever path one will choose. but ok... ill admit it... i didnt want to say it in my previous post, but if i were one of those lined up for the succeeding NLEs then i too would not take the NLE anymore. ok! i admit it!!!!
  8. kalayaan

    direct hire hospitals

    yes, do pass your resume to the hospitals hr directly. not all will respond but theres a good chance they will. many have done this. but do not send out resumes until you pass the nclex bec none of them will respond. do not go through an agency. make a search on hospitals in the area you want. click on the bar that says careers and youll see the positions available and a link for passing resumes. nurses are on EB3 (employment-based) category, meaning they need to be hired by a hospital to work. no other visa categories are available for nurses. with the retrogression, focus on the nclex first. good luck!
  9. kalayaan

    Supreme Court's Decision regarding NLE

    I think this move will be pretty risky for non-US citizens/immigrants, considering the retrogression. if one doesnt take the NLE, one cannot practice. yes, you can still take the NCLEX, but with the retrogression, assuming nothing will be done to solve it, then one is "stuck" in the phil for about 5 years with no training whatsoever. and thats an awfully long time to be stagnant. if one takes the NLE, she risks getting into the hullaballoo of cheating and hopes to God the exam will be clean. assuming the exam goes on without a hitch, and that the retrogression is still on, one can expand his/her own horizon and look at other countries to work in, as these countries require a license. if one had direct access to the US or its intended country of practice, by all means do not take the NLE. but if you think it will take a long time before you can leave (i wont tell you whether or not to take the exam), you should decide very, very carefully.
  10. kalayaan

    Reciprocity is DEAD.

    from what i know you have to be a US trained RN to work for the military. try checking their website. or post in the military forum.
  11. kalayaan

    Moms who want to feel absolutely NO pain

    oh yes. but sorry for the confusion, i had 2 nurses in my story. the nurse that told the 2cm mommy to stop complaining was good to me but pretty stern with the one beside me. and they werent communicating well bec the pt didnt know how to speak/understand english. the other nurse was the oh-hail-the-great-one that soothed me through my epidural. this happened 5 years ago.
  12. kalayaan

    career growth in the OR

    im trying to decide on what field i should go to. i loved working in the OR as a student. i am now deciding whether i want to be an OR nurse or a crna. I would prefer working in the OR for now, instead of the ICU which is the requirement to get into a crna program, which i am also not in any hurry to apply to. If its as fulfilling as i think it is then I would gladly stay in the OR. Aside from being a circulating / scrub nurse, are there any other positions available for nurses in the OR? Is there a career ladder in there or does one remain to be a circulating / scrub nurse? Thanks for the help nurses!!!
  13. kalayaan


    when i was studying med-surg i always had my d.i.y. anatomy notes, anatomy book and medical dictionary right beside me. i would review the particular body system, from parts to function, and then do the med-surg. it takes a little more effort in the beginning to do that, but youll understand med-surg better. and i consult more than 1 book, bec other books may have a better interpretation. dont fret. your determination is key to your success.
  14. kalayaan

    Moms who want to feel absolutely NO pain

    i was in the assessment room, arrived at hospital in 7cm pain. i wasnt screaming, just quietly clucthing my belly in pain. beside me was a 2cm mama screaming for an epidural. the good nurse told her no, that she could even go home, and that she should behave like the 7cm lady beside her. whew. as soon as they asked me if i wanted one, i said, yes! a few hours later i saw that i could wiggle my toes. afraid of any more pain i asked for another shot. haha. btw, my male anesthesiologist was pretty rude when i was given my first shot. he kept telling me i should stop grunting and keep still. @#? like i wish he got pregnant and have a baby through his .... to this day i am so thankful for the nurse that was with me during that episode. she was truly so comforting. yay to ob nurses!
  15. wow, thats pretty fast. thanks for answering my curiousity. i wish you and your family luck!

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