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Interested in Nursing

by caylahatfield caylahatfield (New) New

Hello! My name is Cayla and I am considering becoming a nurse but I have some fears and some doubts. First things first, I do not qualify for financial aid do to being a dumb college freshman so I'm really not sure how I am going to pay for this. I left home for school and with my freedom slacked in my classes, but it ended up being a motivator for me because I know now when I go back I will not put anything before my schooling again. Once I figure out how to pay for school, I'm not sure what to do from there because I'm not going to lie, I've always done poorly in math. I mean, in high school I failed Algebra I and once I passed I then failed Algebra II. It really doesn't click with me. Granted in high school I didn't apply myself to my math classes, but I don't understand it. I really, really want to be a nurse so badly but I am afraid to find a way to pay for school and not be able to pass the math, therefore forcing me to work my minimum wage job for the rest of my life. I think I could be a great nurse once I learn all the things I need to, I'm just not sure if I am smart enough to do it. Plus, I have never had any classes to prepare me for a nursing career because my high school back in my hometown did not have one. I would be starting from the bottom. Please give me any advice you can!

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Good Morning and welcome to allnurses! It is a great place to find an answer to all your questions about nursing

I am moving your question to pre nursing student where I think you will find more answers to your questions

Not sure if you have considered community college. Taking one or two classes at a time so you can continue to work and pay for school and really focus on those one or two classes. You will need to take pre-req's before actually getting into the nursing program classes anyhow, it might just give you the confidence you need to know you can be successful in nursing classes. Consider getting a math tutor to help you with your math, they can work with you one on one and help you to understand.

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Just so you know, there will be math required of you not only in your pre-reqs, but in the field as well, not to mention the science. It's not necessarily a question of being "smart enough", but more, "well-suited".


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I've always struggled in math and I passed it in my LPN program. They held after class tutoring every day and let us take each test twice and used the best grade. With the extra help I did well. I failed the final but, was allowed to retake it since we got to take each test twice and did well the 2nd time. Maybe look into an LPN program? The cost will be less, it's only a year long and you can transition into an Rn program once you are an LPN.

I'd recommend going to a CC for your prereqs. I have a prior degree and am going to my local CC for my prereqs... What I have found is that there are more tutoring services and after class time to catch up if you feel you are behind.

What do you mean 'maxed out'? Your aggregate limit for undergraduate study is something like $55,000... And the Stafford loans dispensed don't normally come anywhere close to the limits over four years.

Honestly? You give many excuses as to why you haven't done well, cannot do well, and why you might fail. You offer no reasons for actually wanting to become a nurse. I have to wonder why that is. If you are looking for "something to do", this isn't the best path to be on: it requires serious studying, dedication, commitment to success, aptitude. Your post just doesn't read that way to me.

You said you are considering nursing. Ok....what ELSE are you considering?

I didn't tell my reasons because I'm afraid that despite all of my reasons for feeling like this is the path I'm being called to be on that I'm not smart enough for it. The other option I'm considering is enlisting into the military, because of the same reason I am considering nursing. I have this instinct to help and protect and save. This obviously isn't something that I just woke up one day and decided I wanted to try out, I feel it's something that I should do.

I didn't tell my reasons because I'm afraid that despite all of my reasons for feeling like this is the path I'm being called to be on that I'm not smart enough for it. The other option I'm considering is enlisting into the military, because of the same reason I am considering nursing. I have this instinct to help and protect and save. This obviously isn't something that I just woke up one day and decided I wanted to try out, I feel it's something that I should do.

Negativity is a self-fulfilling prophesy. If you feel that you aren't smart enough to do something, well then by golly, you are going to prove yourself right. If you feel you won't succeed.....you won't.

Enlisting in the military (what branch? Does it matter to you?) is NOTHING like being a nursing student. Wanting to "help, protect, and save" aren't going to get you far in nursing, honestly. You could be an EMT, save a WHOLE lotta schooling, and "help, protect, and save".

If you feel inferior then the military won't really pan out, either: actually, an inflated sense of self seems to work for many ;)

If you are prepared to study hard, focus on your education, dedicate yourself to whatever it takes to get through college, and take constructive criticism in stride.....you've begun to think like a nursing student. If you are going to let yourself think you're not good enough....you won't be.

Focus on your strengths: what about yourself makes you proud to be you? What have you done that makes you smile when you think about it? What have other people said you are good at doing, what do they compliment you on? Think about it...it's there :)

Do you want to work toward being a medical or nursing professional, and put in the time it takes to accomplish the goal? Or do you just want a feel-good something-or-other to pass the time?

You can volunteer and help people. Or you can make it a career. Give it some thought.

What do you REALLY want to do?

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Yes...you start at the bottom like we all did. What do you expect? If you do not pass the classes you will not be admitted to Nursing school. Same if you want to be a doctor. You don't just "get accepted" to be an MD. You must earn excellent grades and work HARD.

There is no "advice" other than to meet the requirements to be allowed to take the NCLEX.

Dimensional Analysis is so much differerent from Algebra! I never did well on Algebra, but I always got A's in dosages! Don't let Math be one reason to stop you from becoming a nurse! Good luck!

Let me say that we all have to start somewhere

to reach our final goal. No one is perfect

No one should be, however nursing requires

a great deal of self reflection, self reward,

self dedication. Once you pass those state boards

you are responsible for the lives of others.

That license allows you to practice as a licensed

nurse for which every state under their own law

gives privilage to practice. Once we as future nurses

abuse the privilage in anyway it can be taken away and

then your looking at possible legal situations.

I say this because our grades are important

for a reason in pre nursing as well as nursing.

If we barely manage to pass a class whether

its math,science or english in prenursing, how

will we go on to pass the harder classes in nursing school?

Finally how will we understand the entire concept

of nursing?

Don't fear the math - you wont be taking calculus !!! :) you only have to put the time and study (in order to do well in math -you need to practice a lot-practice the questions- that's it)

Good luck

Same here, dimensional analysis is pretty easy- the algebra is too -its just you need to practice questions everyday to make it second nature) I was stressing over my algebra this semester but, ended up with an A.

Hi there, Cayla. :)

This sounds a bit like me. I want to be a nurse, but math has never come easily, and I don't qualify for financial aid either.

I have learned though that once I understand a math concept, I can work through it no problem. :)

The hard part (but the most rewarding) is to tell yourself that YOU CAN DO IT. You have to decide how much you want this. If you really want to be a nurse, then just set your mind to it, study study study, and pass with flying colors.

One thing I've found to be really helpful with the math trouble is to watch YouTube tutorials and instruction videos from sites like Kaplan and Kahn Academy and etc. Those REALLY help. Also with math, repetition is key. You have to make yourself practice over and over until it's cemented in your head.

As for the financial aid, my personal plan is to work for a year before I go to college, and save every scrap I can. I'll probably have to take out a loan as well. Then when I'm in college, I'm hoping to find a church that will hire me as a pianist or organist. That second job alone could pay for my entire tuition. I'm planning to live off campus, but still close by, and share an apartment rent with a roommate. You just gotta look for any way you can save money. (I know that not everyone plays the piano, not all nursing programs allow you to work during, and that some colleges require you to live on campus. But that's personally how I plan to do it. ^^)

But yeah, if you really want to be a nurse, tell yourself "I can do it", and then make yourself do it, rather than saying "I don't think I can" and never trying.

I hope you get it all figured out. ^^

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You will first figure out how you will pay for it. If you don't qualify for financial aid due to poor grades, they must be pretty low already? Once you figure out how to pay, you need to figure out how to bring up what I'm thinking is a poor GPA. Nursing school is very competitive to get into. Your grades will have to be top notch to have a chance.

I'm not sure what advice you are really seeking here. You sound like you have terrible self esteem issues. You might want to find a way to fix that. You will need some thick skin in this arena. There's a lot you need to plan out and make happen. If it's something you really want, you will find a way. You need to lose the woe is me outlook on life.


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First, you need to end with all the negative self-talk. Having these thoughts of not being good enough or not being smart enough won't help. You need to sit back, re-evaluate who you are, where've you been and what you really want to do in life. If nursing is truly your passion, then you work hard for it, and push through the humps. Nursing isn't for the light-hearted. It's a special kind of profession.