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I'm a Counselor looking to add Nursing as a career. :)

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  1. goddess9

    NLN Pre-RN/PAX Tips and Strategies

    Think of it like the SAT. It's a way schools can see how you do stacked up to your peers and is also an admissions indicator. It can definitely help an application by having a high score.
  2. goddess9

    Think a 3.0 grade is bad in a prerequisite class?

    It truly depends on the area in which you're applying. If it's an impacted area, you should probably retake.
  3. goddess9

    Prerequisites - How long do they take?

    As above, it depends on how many classes you need to fulfill your school's requirements. I went part time with one class at a time and it's been two years. Your mileage will vary.
  4. goddess9

    I'm scared

    I did the same with a science and worked full time... It's doable, but don't expect to have a thriving social life. The key is to stay slightly ahead of the material... That way by the end of the session you'll have an extra week or so to prep for the final. The great thing about summer classes is that they're involved but they're over before you know it. I actually prefer the shorter class lengths, and you might like them too. Best of luck.
  5. goddess9


    No, just AP1.
  6. goddess9

    pax (nln)

    It's based on those who are also applying to similar programs. The test is not pass/fail... It's percentiles. Most programs require you score a 50th percentile or higher to be competitive.
  7. goddess9

    Drexel ACE Fall 2016

    I just turned down my seat this past week. I hope it frees up some space for someone. Good luck!
  8. goddess9

    Failing Statistics. Do I have a chance at passing?

    Why are you missing exams?
  9. goddess9

    Going back to school @ 26

    Lol, you're still young. I'm 27, and am just finishing up my prerequisites. If you want to do it, you just do it. Take the first step.
  10. You're still an undergraduate. 5th year.
  11. goddess9

    When did you know you wanted to be a nurse?

    It's been a few years coming. I should have listened to the signs. I was in undergrad for Psychology and I bumped into a nursing supervisor when I was working retail. She saw me and we got to talking... She asked me why I am not going for nursing. I made excuses, but she insisted on telling me a few resources and programs before I left. Over the last few years, I've bumped into nurses and I've felt a growing urgency. My job taught me that I want a more direct role in care. It wasn't a calling from a young age, but it definitely was in my mind for years. I'm almost done with my prerequisites and I always thought I wasn't a science person, but I'm capable. I look forward to applying and hopefully being given the opportunity to be a nursing student.
  12. goddess9

    Should I make a stink about this?

    All I really saw in your posts was an intense defensiveness and you flexing for no reason. I understand being frustrated, and I've been there many times while taking courses to get into a nursing program, but there is a way to go about it. There was one professor I'd constantly have to correct and I actually was being cheated out of points. Every other time, I ended up being truly wrong and I had to suck it up. Nursing school will probably be many times more vague and some of your exams will not be explicit in notes and lectures. The umbilical cord is absolutely part of the circulation. We can split hairs all night on where the mother ends and the fetus begins, but it doesn't mean your answer should have gotten full credit without mentioning the cord. I would ask the professor what he or she is looking for, but I would not confront or make any stink.
  13. goddess9

    Is A&P 2 more difficult than A&P 1?

    Depends on what you prefer. I think two is more difficult than one... Probably because of the way my professor presents the information.
  14. goddess9

    Not Naturally Smart

    Congratulations! I knew you'd be just fine. As for muscles, I liked to pretend I was working out to learn the muscles. Flex your arms. What is flexing, what is relaxing? Now squat. What is flexing, what is stabilizing? Now stand up. What muscles are helping with extension? Turn your head to the left. What muscles are working now? And so on and so forth. I'm a hands on learner, so that helped me immensely... Also, if you work out, you might know some of the larger muscles already. That's just me, your mileage may vary.
  15. goddess9

    Dissection Lab Reaction?

    The smell of the preservatives definitely does not help!
  16. goddess9


    Never took Chem in high school. Did just fine in Chem in college.