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I'm sort of taking a survey! Can anyone tell me what department (ICU, SDU, Med/Surg) you handle your insulin drips, and what is your patient ratio in that department? Also, any other related comments would be helpful! Thanks!!

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ICU, up to 2 pts. We do hourly blood sugars on insulin gtts sometimes as often as every 1/2 hr if they're low. I do believe that our step down unit takes them as well.


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Any unit (except the rehab floor) and depends on the unit ratio... 2:1 for ICU, 3-4:1 for ICU step down...varies for medsurg floors

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ICU, 2 patients, rarely 3 if they are short staffed. Blood sugars are done Q30min-Q1H. We *have* had patients on insulin drips come to my floor (PCU) with a max of 4 patients, with blood sugars still Q30min-Q1H but that is very rare.


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ICU - like the others, blood sugars Q1hr at a min.

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For gtts, I have only seen them in the ICU where the ratio is 2:1 unless the pt is really unstable. We have had to check q15min up to q1h.


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Progressive Care Unit, 1:4, q1h capsticks per insulin gtt protocol

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I cover med/surg, paeds,mid, onc, and ED. I have monitored patients on insulin infusions on most of these wards except paeds and onc. Normally we monitor patients hrly, and have a patient load of at least 4.

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I am medsurg and we can have insulin drips for up to eight hours but cannot titrate. This means hourly accuchecks and calling the doctor to change the rate. Our ratio is 1:5-6. This happens rarely for us because admitted true DKAs go to the ICU and rarely does an admitted patient develop DKA before having other issues that would warrant transfer to a higher level of care.


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MedICU - DKA or anything that requires hourly checks (2:1)

DOU - only if the MD's order is with titration (3:1)

TELE - No titration need for patient and with specific run time (4:1)


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Most of them end up in the MICU with a 2:1 ratio. If its short term they can be on the floor for 8 hours.