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  1. Klaf

    Preferred Critical Care Spec. prior to CRNA

    All have to have some form of critical care because of hemodynamics.
  2. Klaf

    Preferred Critical Care Spec. prior to CRNA

  3. Klaf

    CCRN exam

    Laura Gasperis also has a book with over 1000 questions with rational.
  4. Klaf


    Most of them end up in the MICU with a 2:1 ratio. If its short term they can be on the floor for 8 hours.
  5. Klaf

    Critical care review book recommendations

    Laura Gasperis DVDS
  6. Klaf

    Critical care experience

    Also they like large teaching hospitals that are level 1 trauma centers.
  7. Klaf

    Critical care experience

    Most programs want CVICU, SICU then MICU
  8. Klaf

    Drexel/Crozer/Tornetta Interview Scheduled

    I have an interview with villanova, any advice?
  9. Klaf

    I got in,Tornetta class of 2014

    How long did it take to get an interview and when did they tell you that you got accepted?
  10. Klaf

    CRNA with low

    I got invited for an interview with a GPA of 2.987. It was my freshman year of college that i did not do well. i have a 3.4 in my last 96 credits. i have my CCRN, CMC and CEN. Any advice?
  11. Klaf

    CRNA interview

    Has anyone interviewed for Villanova's CRNA program?
  12. Has anyone recently interviewed for a spot at Villanova for their class to start in 2014?
  13. Klaf

    Villanova/CCMC: Beginning in Fall of 2013

    Did anyone find out that they were accepted during the interview?
  14. Klaf

    Villanova starting Fall 2015

    How long after the interview does it take to find out if you are accepted or not?
  15. Klaf

    Villanova/CCMC: Beginning in Fall of 2013

    I have an interview next week at Villanova. Any advice?