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I have a couple of songs I listen to when I need to kick up my motivation and determination for the school day. I like Eye of the Tiger to get me going. Please suggest some songs I can add to my list. Suggest songs that inspire you to keep going. They can be old, new, any genre. Thanks


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Shipping up to Boston: Dropkick Murphys


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Gloria Gaynor - I will Survive

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Josh Grobin, You lift me up

I watched the movie Rudy several times while in school. I also read Patricia Cornwell novels about the medical examiner Kay Scarpetta. She always inspires me even though she is a fictional character. And Sue Grafton books with female detective Kinsey Milhone.


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Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World


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Nathsha Bettingfield - Unwritten

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Whenever the going gets tough I find myself sing "The *****(female dog) is Back" it just gets my game face on.

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Just what makes that little old ant, think he can move that rubber tree plant? Everyone knows an ant...can't...move a rubber tree plant!

(C'mon everybody!) Cuz' he's got high hopes, he's got high hopes.....


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My favorite for getting pumped for school/tests recently has been Kanye West-"Stronger"...gets me pumped and reminds me that "that that don't kill me...can only make me stronger"...:bugeyes:. Also "Live ya Life"-TI and's funny...I'm not a HUGE fan of hip hop music but those two songs really get me pumped up for class!!!


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I'm Alive - Celine Dion

The Power of the Dream - Celine Dion

My Celine CDs were essential to helping me get through nursing school! :D

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Lust for Life_ Iggy Pop

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