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  1. Hootnhollern

    Crazy Tales from the ED

    Stomach pain coming and going...didn't know she was pregnant...delivered full term healthy girl three hours later :) Not so unusual, but this lady was tiny. Poor thing got an NG tube and foley before the doc saw the linea negra.
  2. Hootnhollern

    Brian Short News

    Sometimes I have so much to say, but I am at a loss for words right now. Prayers for the Short family and my AN family.
  3. Hootnhollern

    Stick with clinic job or accept hospital job?

    Although I started in a cardiac step down unit, we did loads of med-surf stuff there. I am happy that I did. I was able to learn so much from the fabulous nurses, LVNs, CNAs, Monitor Techs and of course the Queen of the place, the Unit Clerk. I had such a fantastic team of people who held me up through those really rough, new nurse days. I learned itty bitty things and gigantic things, both equally important to my education and to the safety and outcome for the patients. I had always thought that I would just naturally end up in the ED as I had been there as a PCT for seven years, but I am truly happy with the unit that I started on and was given lots of room to grow :)
  4. Hootnhollern

    Is an exercise class a good idea?

    Hey maggiefrancis, I did take an exercise class before I started my nursing classes and it was one of the best things I've done. It was actually pretty easy even though we had written assignments to go along with the physical stuff. I had fun and never dreaded going. I believe it would be doable during nursing courses if it fits in your schedule.
  5. Hootnhollern

    Have you literally prayed over your workplace?

    I personally haven't prayed but I worked in the CVICU and we had a Native American patient that needed open heart. He asked for an was granted a visit from his tribe's Medicine Man. It was a fascinating ceremony and the patient went through with flying colors.
  6. Hootnhollern

    Nurse Slang Yo!

    From my ED days: LOL in NAD - little old lady in no apparent distress WHOML - worst headache of my life SOB - shortness of breath Gun and Knife Club - an unusually busy night taking care of GSW (gun shot wounds) and stabbing victims, aka, Trauma Bay
  7. Hootnhollern

    payscales are secrets huh?

    You should also know that when I was recently hired, my pay rate is a piece of information that I am not allowed to disclose. Just FYI
  8. Hootnhollern

    Fairly new RN graduate with Medical Assistant interview

    I was also in the same boat as you. I went into the interview (for Monitor Tech) with my portfolio and honestly told the NM that I was trying to get my foot in the door as an RN and that I didn't blame her if she didn't hire me a a Tech. The next day the Nurse Recruiter called and offered me an RN position.
  9. Hootnhollern

    Do you use your pda/smartphone at work?

    When I use my iPhone as a drug reference at work, I always place it down on the med cart or the counter just as I would if I were looking at a drug guide. I feel as though most people watching would know that I am referencing vs. texting. Of course, everyone has their own perceptions.
  10. Hootnhollern

    jobs & no jobs

    "I really do want to say **** it and throw in the towel and get a job that is beneath me just so i can attempt to put food on the table. " I am only recently employed as an RN, but I had some of the same challenges as you. Finally I just decided to apply as a monitor tech. At my interview, I was completely honest in saying that I am trying to get my foot in the door so that I could eventually get an RN position. The next day they called and offered me the nurse job. That is what worked for me. I was perfectly willing to work in any capacity, just to be there. It is one option to consider. I truly wish you good luck :) Hoot
  11. Hootnhollern

    CNA/PSW to take vitals?

    Our CNAs take almost all of our vitals. In their training, they learn what are normal VS and report to the nurse any that are out of range immediately. They also take and report our blood sugars. If I ever felt uncomfortable with the patient's condition or with what the CNA is reporting, I would just do them myself.
  12. Hootnhollern

    Since when is it okay to brag about abusing a patient?

    There ARE other nurse forums in the web world... Multiple, long and drawn out comments that say the same thing over and over look desperate. I LOVE my allnurses and wouldn't change a thing about it.
  13. Hootnhollern

    FINALLY got a job!

    Awesome news :)
  14. Hootnhollern

    How I got my (new grad) job...

    Thanks so much everyone! Ayeloflo - in your reply box, at the bottom, click on "Smilies". A box pops up with an assortment of smilies, Scroll down and double click on the one you want. Be sure to preview your message before you post. bree* - I'm so sorry that the job market is so tight there. I hope something good happens soon for you. imagenthings- I'm sure all of that volunteering will pay off when you do get a job :) shookee - I have only one...I am one of the original PCTs. I started as an NA in the ER in 1991 and went through in-house training to become certified. I didn't get the actual certificate until 1993 when i needed it to cross train to another floor. Dawn Vylet - My portfolio consists of the following: a 2 1/2 " binder with tab dividers, all pages in sheet covers and the contents are: "resume and cover letter", "licensing and certification", "professional development", "letters of recommendation", "immunization records", "exemplary work", "transcripts and syllabi" and finally "awards and scholarships". I keep extra copies of my resume and cover letter inside just in case. When I put this away, I will include a copy of my application and any current/previous job info (such as start dates, addresses, supervisors names, and phone #s...also the pay rate) My nursing school assigned different portions of the portfolio as we progressed through the program. It is probably one of the most organized things I have ever put together. NoviceRN - Go MCC!!! I wish everyone who is struggling with getting into the job market, the best of luck and keep at it...do what you have to. Hoot
  15. Hootnhollern

    How I got my (new grad) job...

    Hello to all! So I graduated May 2010 with an ADN in Michigan, took my NCLEX, got my MI RN license. I didn't have a job yet. My hubby got transferred to southern Georgia in August. I got my GA RN license by endorsement in October (long process). I applied for: 12 positions at my local hospital, a school nurse job, and at a hospital about 1 1/2 hours away. I even considered applying for a Florida RN license because there seemed to be jobs there and I live 1- 1&1/2 hours away. I called nurse recruiters at each of the hospitals I applied to and at the Florida hospitals I was considering. My local hospital finally called me to say that they weren't hiring new grads, but they will have a new grad program beginning in August. I asked about the process and was told that they openings were to be limited and it might be wise to get my foot in the door if I could. I then applied for PCT, unit secretary and a monitor tech position. I was called for an interview for the monitor tech job. I was reminded by a fellow nursing student to remember to bring my Nursing School "Portfolio" (If you don't have one, you should surely get one going). The NM asked me what I knew about heart rhythms. As I have had a few years experience in the ER as a tech, I told her I had seen many different types of rhythms. And as I was in the midst of taking my ACLS (to boost my resume and keep me feeling "nurse-ish"), I am currently studying rhythms. Then I said "and I AM an RN...new grad, but I have studied some cardiac stuff in NS." I was completely honest with her about my intentions regarding getting my foot in the door, about my job searches and my attempts to continue to educate myself. She was so gracious and showed me around the unit and introduced me to some of the people working there. I was sure to point out my (gigantic) portfolio. She looked through it and even looked at the syllabi in it. (I had considered leaving them out). As we were finishing up the interview, I told her that I wouldn't blame her if she didn't hire me, knowing full well that the training I was going to get might have to be repeated on someone else sooner or later. The very next day, I got a call from the Nurse Recruiter. She said that she had a job offer, not for the Monitor Tech, but for an RN!! I couldn't believe it. The NM had gone to her higher-ups and asked to hire me. I was thrilled as you might imagine. I accepted the position, of course. I start orientation in early February. I don't even know how much my pay rate is...I was too stunned to ask. Frankly, it doesn't matter right at this point, because I'm sure I'll be making more than I was prepared to make as a tech, lol. So that's my story! I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones to have been at the right place at the right time. I wish all of you new grads luck in your job search. :lvan:
  16. Hootnhollern

    You've Gotta Know the Lingo

    🤣 Persevere+Irritate= Perseverate....LMBO