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  1. Hootnhollern

    Crazy Tales from the ED

    Stomach pain coming and going...didn't know she was pregnant...delivered full term healthy girl three hours later :) Not so unusual, but this lady was tiny. Poor thing got an NG tube and foley before the doc saw the linea negra.
  2. Hootnhollern

    Brian Short News

    Sometimes I have so much to say, but I am at a loss for words right now. Prayers for the Short family and my AN family.
  3. Hootnhollern

    Stick with clinic job or accept hospital job?

    Although I started in a cardiac step down unit, we did loads of med-surf stuff there. I am happy that I did. I was able to learn so much from the fabulous nurses, LVNs, CNAs, Monitor Techs and of course the Queen of the place, the Unit Clerk. I had such a fantastic team of people who held me up through those really rough, new nurse days. I learned itty bitty things and gigantic things, both equally important to my education and to the safety and outcome for the patients. I had always thought that I would just naturally end up in the ED as I had been there as a PCT for seven years, but I am truly happy with the unit that I started on and was given lots of room to grow :)
  4. Hootnhollern

    Is an exercise class a good idea?

    Hey maggiefrancis, I did take an exercise class before I started my nursing classes and it was one of the best things I've done. It was actually pretty easy even though we had written assignments to go along with the physical stuff. I had fun and never dreaded going. I believe it would be doable during nursing courses if it fits in your schedule.
  5. Hootnhollern

    Have you literally prayed over your workplace?

    I personally haven't prayed but I worked in the CVICU and we had a Native American patient that needed open heart. He asked for an was granted a visit from his tribe's Medicine Man. It was a fascinating ceremony and the patient went through with flying colors.
  6. Hootnhollern

    Nurse Slang Yo!

    From my ED days: LOL in NAD - little old lady in no apparent distress WHOML - worst headache of my life SOB - shortness of breath Gun and Knife Club - an unusually busy night taking care of GSW (gun shot wounds) and stabbing victims, aka, Trauma Bay
  7. Hootnhollern

    payscales are secrets huh?

    You should also know that when I was recently hired, my pay rate is a piece of information that I am not allowed to disclose. Just FYI
  8. Hootnhollern

    What does your username mean?

    Hootnhollern would be the way my friends and family describe me. I make you laugh as I stir up some trouble,
  9. Very nice...
  10. Hootnhollern

    Getting a job out of state?

    Tambourine, I just finished getting my RN License by endorsement in Georgia. Here's how it went: I finished NS in Michigan in May 2010 and took my NCLEX, got my MI RN License and moved to GA. When I got here I had to get re-fingerprinted and background checked, I filled out a very detailed application for my GA license and sent it to the BON. Along with my application, I needed to include:official transcripts (unopened), letter of verification from MI BON (unopened), and a passport photo. I also read on the application that if you have any criminal history including misdemeanors, dismissals, or even just an arrest, you must include all of that court paperwork as well (I'm assuming unopened). The application took a while for me to complete, but I followed EVERY single step as it was given (like "do not leave any spaces blank"), and my license was issued about 25 days after the GA BON received it. I didn't have to take any tests, but believe me, the application was like writing a novel...jk. I'm still looking for a job, but that's another topic altogether. Hope that helps, Hootnhollern
  11. Hootnhollern

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    I passed :)
  12. Hootnhollern

    Passed my NCLEX !!

    Thanks :) I graduated mid- May 2010. I submitted my paperwork about eight weeks before graduation and I was fortunate to get a really early NCLEX appt. I was able to find out my results from Pearson Vue a full 48 hours after I finished my test. I did pay the 8 bucks...(impatient) , and my license number posted on the Michigan Nursing website 4 days after I took the test. I don't have any jobs lined up because I am spending time with my kids this summer. Good luck to those of you who are working on it! Hoot
  13. Hootnhollern

    Passed my NCLEX !!

    Just wanted to post that I graduated from MCC (yeah) and I passed my NCLEX!! I've missed being on these boards for a while, but school was just in the forefront. Good luck to all who are following. Proud to be a HootnholleRN!! (I need a fist pump icon...just imagine it, okay? lol)
  14. Hootnhollern

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    NCLEX - RN 75 ? GPU I don't recommend my review course, so I will not name it to avoid any problems
  15. Hootnhollern

    Something To Be Thankful For

    I am thankful for the most incredibly supportive husband who has made my "job" of being a nursing student as easy as it can possibly be.
  16. Hootnhollern

    Need some advice... Decisions, Decisions

    CandyGyrl, You're done with school !!!!! :ancong!:,:cheers: ~Hoot~

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