Insane Course Load ?


My semester just started and I'm already feeling overwhelmed. I am currently enrolled in A&P 2, Microbiology, and Inorganic Chemistry. These are my last pre-reqs before applying to nursing school.All the classes meet three hours a week and have three hour labs, and obviously require many hours of studying and homework outside of class. I'm just wondering if anyone who has experience with these courses thinks that this is unrealistic?


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Honestly, yes, I think it is unrealistic to take three sciences in the same semester. How much time can you actually spend on each class? Do you work? Do you have a family/kids? I live with the 'rents and am jobless, and I wouldn't tackle all of those classes at the same time.

That said, if you absolutely must take this course load and are absolutely positively dedicated to passing, then you can probably do it. Only you know how far you can stretch yourself.

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It's not insane to take 3 sciences at the same time. Science majors do this + some all the time. A lot of people on this site have become afraid of science so they believe the hype about taking one science at a time, but wonder why they are straight C students in nursing school. Honestly, plenty of student handle this kind of course load or worse, so it's up to you whether you can handle it.

This, though, is your chance of proving your worthiness for nursing school. Taking studying, focusing, and organization seriously and don't give into burnout. If you barely pass in nursing school, you barely pass. I you barely pass these courses, you can severely hurt your chance of getting into nursing school.

Pre-med student do it all the time though. They take 3 or 4 sciences most semesters and do well at it.


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in my opinion it is a lot to take on. However, as a prior poster said, a lot depends on what else you have going on in your life. Can it be done - yes. Would I do it - no ... but then again I have 3 kids plus an exchange student, 2 dogs and a hubby who is away for work a lot. Only you can make the decision on how much you can handle.

A key to being successful with these classes is definitely organization. Making sure that you stay on top of every little project due and scheduling out you week to make sure you get ample study time planned for each class in order not to get behind.

Good Luck


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I'm taking two sciences, a science lab, and four other classes along with those all at the same time. If you are only taking three sciences and nothing else, I don't see why it isn't do-able if you stay focused and are determined to ace the classes.


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I say if you can do it then go for it, but just remember you need to do well in pre reqs to get into nursing school. Like Miiki said, if you barely pass you hurt your chances of getting into nursing school.


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I'm taking 25 credit hours this semester that include: general chemistry 1 &2, statistics, and 12 hrs worth of nursing classes. This is all while working 48 hrs a week. I absolutely think its doable if you put in the effort. Don't give up and good luck!

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It's NOT CRAZY! People here are so scared of science classes!! I don't get it. Like Miiki said, science majors do it all the time. She's also right about people wondering why they're getting all C's in nursing school if they can't even handle 2 science classes at the same time. If anything this "Insane Course Load" will prepare you for nursing school.

I'm taking A&P I, Micro, Finite Math and a writing course. I obviously knew what I was walking into. I know each of my science courses will require at least 15 hours of studying a week, and I'm ready for that. Don't let other people worry you, if you signed up for the classes, you thought at some point you could manage. So hang on to that moment you had of "I can do this". Make a study schedule and stick to it, locate your tutor center and make sure you have the time to dedicate to it. If you have the time you've got this. Good luck and please update us as to how you do!

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It sounds like an intense courseload but I think you can do it. Science majors do it all the time and I think it would probably prepare you better for nursing school.

Good luck!


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I'm only taking microbiology & the lab with two other classes, so technically it's only 3 classes but lab counts as a 4th, and I work full time. I AM overwhelmed. I study every moment that i am not working or sleeping or in class, no joke. And i still feel like its not enough. I'm in your position though, the only reason I am taking all these at once is to have them done by the deadline for the program. I'm just going to work super super hard and do my very best but it really does suck. Hang in there.


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I'm taking A&P 2 with lab, Chemistry w/ lab, English 112, and history of art. So really I'm taking 6 classes right now and will be taking Statistics in March. Also i am maintaining A's in all of those classes so far (will continue to keep pushing myself to end semester with 4.0). I currently have a one year old I take care of by myself, preparing to take my state boards next week to become a certified CNA, and looking to go back to work beginning of Feb. yes it's hard at times but if you can handle all of it then go for it.


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Wow!! I can't imagine taking that many sciences in one semester. My advisors always advised me not to do that. Good luck. I'm currently in micro, and it seems pretty intense.