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  1. Medic625

    any paramedics?

    I have been a paramedic in Ohio for the past 10 years. I recently graduated from Excelsior's P-RN program and actually got my license number today. The program worked great for my rotating schedule. I was already offered an ER position. I would say g...
  2. Medic625

    Students from Ohio

    Thanks. And the program was fine. As long as you can motivate yourself to study, you'll get through it quick. It took me a year. I used the college network books. I wouldn't recommend using them, but their material was spot on. When you get to the cp...
  3. Medic625

    Students from Ohio

    I'm from Ohio and recently graduated from Excelsior's program. I take the NCLEX next week. I already have an offer in an Emergency Department in the Cleveland area contingent on me passing the NCLEX. I didn't have any problems finding a job after gra...
  4. Medic625

    Passed my last of 8 exams today + Advice on studying

    Use Rob's CPNE material. It's less than $100 and more than you need to pass the first time.
  5. For the Excelsior LPN to RN there are 31 general education credits required in addition to the nursing courses/ exams. I had an associates degree in fire science, so I was able to transfer in most of the general education requirements. The only Gen E...
  6. Medic625


    Congrats! You're almost done!
  7. Medic625

    Nclex study material

    I'm using the ATI program provided by Excelsior, Rx for Success provided by the college network, and an exam cram book I bought from Barnes and Noble. I'll let you know if they work. I test in two weeks.
  8. Medic625

    FCCA July 13

  9. Medic625

    CPNE Albany 10/18 - 10/20 anyone else?

    I took my CPNE at St. Peter's in Albany in June. Its right down the street from Albany medical center. I stayed at the Hilton garden in Albany (not the Hilton at the medical center though). I'm not sure if its the same CA and CE's for your site. If t...
  10. Medic625

    CPNE estimated date

    You can apply to whatever rpac you want. I applied to npac at the end of march, got a date mid April, and tested June 28th.
  11. Medic625

    Transfer of Excelsior credits to BSN program

  12. Good luck with the program. And stay motivated.
  13. Medic625

    Transfer of Excelsior credits to BSN program

    I already have the stats and chems from my fire science degree. I sent all my transcripts to the adviser and all the excelsior sciences were approved without the labs. I even questioned her when I got the approval. It's strange since their prereq lis...
  14. Medic625

    Transfer of Excelsior credits to BSN program

    That's the one
  15. Medic625

    Transfer of Excelsior credits to BSN program

    Thanks for responding. Since I passed the CPNE I've been looking into the different rn to bsn programs and have found 3 (cleveland state, Louisiana at lafayette, and univ of Cincinnati) that will accept those labless sciences. And all 3 can be comple...