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This is the "Not In" thread, or for anyone that's planning on applying for Spring Semester by the Sept 1st deadline. We need love too! :loveya: My Boring Stats: A's in prereq's except ANP... Read More

  1. by   IndyIvy
    What time if your orientation @ Lawrence? is it the all day one? Is it tomorrow? I need to go to up there to get some books and just want a heads up.

    I just finished my 1st semester at Lawrence. You can do it. It's scary but take it one day at a time. Take advantage of open labs once clinicals start. Take advantage of your instructors b/c they are very knowledgeable and are willing to help you out. They really want you to succeed so take advantage. Build friendships early b/c everyone feels the anxiety that you do, plus you'll do group projects AND friends & study groups are very helpful.

    Good Luck! You can do it!
  2. by   crazylife2
    Our orientation is from 8-5. Thanks for the encouraging words! Looking forward to orientation.
  3. by   IndyIvy
    P.S. --> Don't worry about orientation- it's fun!
  4. by   MistyMiss
    Indy, thank you so much for the advice and encouraging words! I am totally ready for tomorrow to be here, snowstorm and all!!

    On a side note, did you all see that our little thread was one of the top regional threads of the year on the board? We are a talkative bunch!
  5. by   2bsy2slp
    For Those of you who have orientation tomorrow, be careful out there! I can't believe that classes start Monday!!! I have just a few more things to do and I'm ready to go! I do need to find some nursing shoes still. Anyone have any suggestions? I'm starting to get a little anxious now, I hope thats normal! I am excited and terrified all at the same time. I know this is going to be a tough road these next semesters but I'm ready for the challenge.
  6. by   rnjls
    For those concerned about receiving notification for Ivy Tech closing, somewhere on Campus Connect there's a way to sign up for text alerts. I don't know if you signed up tonight if you would receive alerts for tomorrow, but it might be worth a try. Also check your school e-mail in the morning before you leave. I'm sure the only way they would cancel orientation is if the school closed for the day. Be careful on your travels tomorrow and good luck. Orientation helped me have a little bit of an idea of what to expect when classes started.
  7. by   csab
    I feel the same way, excited but scared at the same time. I haven't bought shoes yet either but I tried on some Easy Spirit white athletic style shoes today and they were pretty comfy. They didn't have my size at the store I was at, but I think I will try to find some at a different store before next Tuesday! I tried on all the styles of white shoes at Scrubs & Beyond and none of them fit right/felt right.

    Gosh I hope they are wrong about the weather and that we don't get as much snow as they think we will during the day while we are at orientation.
  8. by   carlosnindy
    I was telling my wife today I am so nervous. I can't remember being this nervous over anything for a long long time. I am very worried about fitting in with a younger crowd of the opposite sex.
  9. by   csab
    carlos, there are going to be plenty of us 'older' crowd of the opposite gender around lol--and of your same gender as well! (okay, yes, a lot more women but there were quite a few men at the first orientation.)

    you know what i look like and i sorta remember you, so find me tomorrow. hopefully i'll have found annie and kim (mistymiss). anyone else want to let us know what you will be wearing tomorrow lol? karen (crazylife), leen, chwalden (catherine), sunny, jm625?
  10. by   carlosnindy
    I will be the fat, but very good looking , fellow in a green hat.
  11. by   leen7777
    Ha Ha, I will have to look for the hat. I will be wearing a red and black flannel shirt, blue jeans, and snow covered hair.... Be safe on your way to school everyone, I will see you there..
  12. by   carlosnindy
    Orientation has been done. On Tuesday the real fun begins. Quiz on Thursday and Sunday in Dose Calc!
  13. by   crazylife2
    Whew, I made it home safe and sound...yeah. Roads were good on the interstate on way home. Everyone else home safe yet? Was bummed cause I missed the dosage calc session and lab session. Anyone else able to attend those and have important info to relay? I'm gonna try and sign up for those missed sessions for next week sometime. I really wanted to go to Dosage Calc cause I'm concerned about that part. Yikes...sounds like we have quizzes coming up in there per the previous thread. I need to brush up on my math pronto. I thought the Simulation lab was pretty cool.