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I obtained my RN in October of 2010

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  1. rnjls

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    For those concerned about receiving notification for Ivy Tech closing, somewhere on Campus Connect there's a way to sign up for text alerts. I don't know if you signed up tonight if you would receive alerts for tomorrow, but it might be worth a try. Also check your school e-mail in the morning before you leave. I'm sure the only way they would cancel orientation is if the school closed for the day. Be careful on your travels tomorrow and good luck. Orientation helped me have a little bit of an idea of what to expect when classes started.
  2. rnjls

    please help me about pediatric nursing

    I think the main safety issue here is agreeing to meet with someone she doesn't know--like other posters said, this could be an internet sexual predator.
  3. rnjls

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    csab, I think it went up to about 4:00, maybe a little later, but not all the way up to 5:00. I would still plan on it going to 5:00, though, because they might be running behind. The day did go really fast. They moved us around to the different classrooms and the teachers told us what they expected out of us.
  4. rnjls

    Tired of being FAT and having low self esteem

    I, Like you, am addicted to food. I eat out a lot, although i really can't afford to, mostly because I'd rather eat alone in a restaurant than at home. I know that's different than a lot of people. I am working on making lifestyle changes because I do know that I have to make changes and calling it a diet just sets me up for failure at the start. One thing that has worked for me is the organization TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) and I plan to rejoin this week. I am making a grocery list for healthy, tasty foods. I don't usually buy non-fat stuff, just cut down on my consumption of the regular stuff. I just know that I have to do something about my weight now before it is too late. Good luck to you, and to all of the other posters who are struggling with this problem.
  5. The first five weeks we had Fundamentals lecture and lab and Pharmacology. The next 11 weeks, we kept Pharmacology, but had Med Surg I lecture, lab and clinicals. i can't remember how many total hours. The first five weeks we were at school 4 days and the next 11 weeks we were at school 3 days and at the hospital 1 day for clinicals. It was quite a bit because we had a lot of reading for both pharm and fundamentals or med surg plus preparation for labs and clinical paperwork. We also did several papers and community service hours.
  6. rnjls

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    I didn't have to shorten them. I'm sorry I don't remember what color they were. They are little off from the scrubs that I got from the Uniform House (which is where we had to buy ours last year), but not enough that anyone noticed.
  7. rnjls

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    I am 5'7" tall and I had to buy the "short" sizes. I like the pull-ons much better than the drawstring. FYI, I used my lab coat at the beginning of the semester, but then decided that it was too hot to wear during lab time, so after about the 3rd week I didn't wear it to labs. I did use it for days when we were doing presentations in class, however.
  8. rnjls

    A&P Help

    The thing that helped me the most was the open labs. In 101 we learned the bones and muscles and open lab helped me a lot. In 102, the open lab instructors actually embellished a lot on what we learned in lecture, so what I didn't understand from lecture, I could usually figure out in open lab. Another thing that helped me were the online exercises that were an adjunct to our textbook. There were labeling exercises and I printed several copies of them off and practiced a lot. Also, we were given links to slides that we could download onto flashdrives and I used those to practice as well.
  9. rnjls

    Just curious...

    Passing is 75 and NCLEx first try pass rate is 99%
  10. rnjls

    Much Older People Going Into Nursing

    I'm 56 and will be finishing my ASN in July of 2010. I plan to immediately start my prereqs for a BSN program. I always wanted to be a nurse and it just happened that this was my time. I really don't care if I can only work 10 years as a nurse. I hope to get my BSN and maybe even my MSN, and use those degrees to serve in areas that won't be as physically grueling on me. I can see myself as a parsih nurse in a church, as an instructor, or maybe even working in research. I don't think of myself as being in my twilight years at all. I think age is all in your attitude.
  11. rnjls

    Ivy Tech Spring '10 Applicants

    I'm a current nursing student and I got scrub pants and shoes at Scrubs and Beyond. The shoes were about $60.00 and I can't remember how much the pants were. The shoes are pull-on, and are pretty comfy. The pants have elastic at the waist, not the drawstrings. There's a store on the southside at Soutport and Emerson and one on the northwestside around 82nd street, I think.
  12. Thanks for sharing that information. I'm going to print it off for myself and several other students.
  13. rnjls

    Is A&P really the hardest of them all?

    I thought Micro was harder but only because the exams were essay questions, so I had to study for them a little differently. I learned a lot that way, though. Micro has helped me tremendously during nursing school. I agree with previous posters, though. It is important to devote a lot of hours to studying in order to be successful in these classes. Also, if your school offers open labs for A&P, try to take advantage of those as well.
  14. rnjls

    when to start wearing scrubs

    We started clinicals in the sixth week of our first semester, so we had to wear scrubs to the hospital then. We also had to either wear our lab coats or scrubs to skills lab, so a lot of us starting wearing our scrubs the first week! The rooms were very warm and the lab coats were too restrictive, so I wore scrubs to lab most of the time.
  15. rnjls

    Should I quit nursing school

    I know what you mean about getting nervous and shaking. One of our checkoffs in the first semester was a group checkoff. We all took turns doing the skill and I was one of the last ones to go. By the time it was my turn, I was so nervous that I was shaking uncontrollably. I could barely hold the equipment! One of the other students said that she could see my legs shaking through my uniform pants. The instructor took me aside after everyone was finished and let me do the skills on my own. I was able to complete them without contaminating my sterile field when no one but the instructor was watching me.
  16. rnjls

    ATI at the end of each semester...

    We have to get a level 2 or better when we take it. If we don't, then we get to remediate at home by taking one of the practice tests and scoring better than 90% on them. So far I haven't had to remediate.