In your experience have you seen this happen?


I am not a nurse but a Radiologic Technologist for 39 years. Medicine has been my life many modalities. My mother is in a nursing home unable to verbalize because of a CVA. She has ogelvies syndrome caused by over medication with narcotics in this same home. She gets frequent UTIs. I was in checking on her last week and when we put her on the toilet via hoyer lift. I noticed a contusion at the pubic area. Looked live it had been pinched (fingers). She also had a large tear on her arm, not uncommon because of her thin skin. Although I told the nurse on duty when I went to remind her that her clonidine patch was 6 days over due for change, she didn't even look at the area of injury. The next day when I went in it was BLACK BLUE and as big as a baseball. I inquired again as how it happened. Got many different stories, was also told that she vomited that morning when I had observed the contusion. I think it was because it hurt so bad when they damaged her. The final story that administration gave me was that it was done when they did the cath for UA. I have done many caths for VCUGs etc and never heard of that happening. The report that they had given the Dr. as I inquired was there was a bruse about the size of a thumb. I don't want to cause any trouble but there has been ssooo many problems. In a routine cath placement could this happen?


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Baseball size contusion during a routine cath? Don't think so. Something isn't right here. Trust your gut.


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Nope, never seen that! There should definitely be some kind of internal document about a bruise the size you are describing. I think here in Indiana, anything over 7 cm has to be reported to the BOH (don't hold me to that, though!). And a clonidine patch SIX days over due? I would be contacting the MD on that one; you don't play around w/someone's B/P - especially when they already have a hx of CVA!


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A bruise due to a cath? I don't think so. I have done many cath's and have never left a bruise; nor has anyone else I know. Like the previous post your gut. Something's not right.


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Get your mother out of there! Injury+stories that don't match the injury+conflicting stories+failure to report=ABUSE!

Her clonidine patch was 6 days over due for change? Neglect!

There are very fine NH, however. I know this because I work at one.


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Thank you so much for your input. We are trying to move her and family is there almost 24-7. She is in Albany Or and there isn't a lot to choose from. I have had so many things I could have turned in but don't even know where to start. Wheather to turn in the facility or individuals and have licenses investigated. They know I have the knowledge to do that but I don't want to harm someones future but want Mom taken care of. We did contact her Dr. and took pictures in for him. He hasen't gotten back to us yet. I suggested they should put hot packs on it now to get it to absorbe and the head nurse said that it was get this "like a sandwitch with mayo on it when it is squeezed out it spreads out" it is hard to believe the incompetence.


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You know you can change nursing homes BUT you can't change mothers...get her out of there while you still can.

Good luck.



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It is good that you can take your mother to another facility, and she is lucky that she has caring family members who have the knowledge of what is right or wrong, and can act on it. However, other residents may not be so lucky.

Please, for the sake of the other residents in this facility, contact that authorities before some one dies due to their negligence.

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Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident. Your mom is lucky that her family is advocating for her well being. Keep on until you find a suitable new placement for her. I wouldn't worry about making problems for the facility. They know better. The residents who don't have families to move them deserve help out of that situation. Speaking up might help all involved. If the facility can't clean up its act, then it deserves getting attention from the authorities.

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All excellent replies, however, I would like to know if your mother by chance takes Coumadin, Warfarin or the like( anticoagulants),

With meds like that, even a small bruise (which can happen) will look terrible.

Have you noticed other signs of abusive behavior by the staff?

Is your mother afraid of any of the staff?

Does she feel free to complain (even non- verbally) or refuse care by a certain staff member?

Is she losing weight, seem withdrawn or depressed?

You must report the problem to the SW of the building - even if just to help other residents who might be receiving the same "care".

Does the staff complain of overwork ( too many hours or double shifts) , underpay or the like?

Is the patient load doable or too much?

Does the staff have time to answer your questions and provide info?

My experience is that a disgruntled staff will take out their frustrations on the patient.


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NO...never heard of that either. the managers/DON have responsibility to investigate the bruise/contusion and give a final report to the state if unable to truly determine cause. also it sounds like your mom needs to be in another facility. Hugs. and Good luck. Don't back down. demand answers.

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