Implied/actual 'Right' for nurses to 'Do' Hands-on Procedures.


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And EVEN THEN: If a patient not of sound mind doesn't want X person touching her, but calms down when person Y deals with her, there is no reason whatsoever to force person X on her. It's just common sense to satisfy the needs of the patient (even if the reason for those preferences doesn't make sense to the care team) rather than pander to the "feelings" and ego of another given caregiver.

And another thing: there were no "hysteria-level emotive responses"in the other thread. That's just a thinly veiled and disingenuous attempt to discredit any response which deviates from your (or the OP's) POV.


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I’m still a student but...

our text makes it clear that there may be cultural circumstances with someone who is female who may prefer female only techs. In my mind it’s well within the right of the patient to request that.

Now, as far as being racist, no. They can prefer that they are only helped by the same race but being racist is a choice. Being brought up in a culture where well modesty for lack of a better term is a cultural value isn’t a choice. So their request is a way lower priority if even at all.

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On 3/4/2019 at 2:12 AM, 0.9%NormalSarah said:

Hahaha, I’m with @Claralee, what kind of word salad was that?

Someone is studying for the SAT. That's what I think whenever I read James' posts.

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Hi, James W.!

I am an educated individual who has achieved two degrees (and counting!) with highest honors. With this in mind, I hope you will be open to my opinion regarding your posts - that they are the most incomprehensible drivel I have ever read. The blame for your struggle to be understood lies solely with you. I am surprised that someone who appears to pride themselves on their scholarly efforts and their command of the English language fails to adhere to the classic exhortation of the venerable William Strunk, Jr. - "Omit needless words! Omit needless words!"


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On 3/3/2019 at 8:01 PM, James W. said:

Given the recent hysteria-level emotive responses to member Cowboy's concerns, perhaps a longitunal overview/current appraisal of the gist of his topic might well be indicated?

Recent mal-awareness of the legally-proper/socially-needful 'Informed Consent' appears to have (in some areas, & moreso where litigation action is rife), distorted matters, but it really seems to me, that many members here who've already demonstrated a high-dudgeon/angst over the 'state of the art' could do with a refresher/reality-check as to expectations of the actual duties/responsibilities in performing hands-on interventions - as a duty duly owed by health-care givers to recipients (& how readily they are understood/accepted by patients/clients) - nowadays.

Another related aspect might be further discussed, viz: the 'cultural/unwritten' lore by which nurses do indeed provide their cares, (& the recent, seemingly insidious indoctrination of unscientific yet ironically ultra-dogmatic post-modern/feminist ideology into nursing praxis, IMO, a demonstrably baleful shadow which debases/demeans our professional standing).

The negative impact of non-clincal staff such as Corporate manager, & their HR/legal depts, along with outside but strident 'pressure groups' with a poor understanding of the issues concerning nursing - might well also be a discussion point for the student nurse - since these things seldom seem to be part of the study curriculum in 'nusing education', either.

Syntax / suggestion: just / pick / one / word / lmao

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7 minutes ago, dirtyrice said:

Syntax suggestion: just pick one word lmao

this gets my point across so much more easily. Should have omitted needless words myself lmao


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this gets my point across so much more easily. Should have omitted needless words myself lmao

lol happens to the best of us I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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I am not sure exactly what your point is but here goes. It sounds like you think that any nurse has a right to just barge into a pts room and do whatever intervention is due. Any and every pt has the right to refuse any trmt/intervention no matter what it is and/or who is performing it. The only thing that would be demeaning to the profession, not to mention illegal, would be doing something (intervention) to someone that they are refusing, for whatever reason they have given. Please have respect and show dignity to all your patients, this is your right and your job.

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