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  1. Frontier University CNM program

    I don’t know when the cut off is but the sooner you apply the better I would think. They have recently expanded and started taking more students. They said now is a really good time to apply as not receiving as many apps as usual.
  2. Frontier University CNM program

    I think you stand a very very good chance. I got in with less than a year's RN experience and no L&D and with a Non-BSN bachelors. I had experience as a birth assistant but that's it. I think this is a good time to apply as their application numb...
  3. The road to CNM

    My experience was the same sadly. I'm in NJ too Graduated top of my class (ADN though), lots of life experience and a great resume and could not get an interview anywhere let alone L&D. I am also in my 40's and had lots of birth experience but n...
  4. New nurse-too old for bedside?

    Yep, definitely not too old.
  5. Frontier Midwifery Spring 2022 Application

    Just got my email and was stunned to get accepted. Hope everyone else got the same news!
  6. Frontier Midwifery Spring 2022 Application

    Mickey (a staff member) just posted on the hopefuls FB page that they are hoping for this week! Now I feel nauseous.
  7. Frontier Midwifery Spring 2022 Application

    No. I don’t think we’ll hear anything Before dec. I’m not feeling positive about it though :(
  8. Frontier Midwifery Spring 2022 Application

    Me! I’ve been working towards this since deciding to become a MW about 4 years ago. I don’t think my chances are high as I won’t have a full year as an RN and I don’t have a BSN so did the portfolio. I’m not sure if my essays are strong enough. It’s ...
  9. CPM to CNM, Jefferson University College of Midwifery

    Hi Allison, Thamks so much for your reply. I really like the look of the ajefferson program but I’m concerned now it’s not an MSN which could limit job opportunities (hospitals tend to want an MSN!). I wonder if there are good and average s...
  10. CPM to CNM, Jefferson University College of Midwifery

    I know this thread is old but I’ve been looking for some feedback from Jefferson students too. Allison, did your friends enjoy the program? Would they recommend it? Has anyone else gone through the program or heard from anyone who has?
  11. Math IV Question - Please help.

    I don't believe we are supposed to give answers if this is your school work. So think about how much you have to give in total (in mL's) for that 1gm of medication. Then you are given how many hours you have to infuse that over. So work our the ...
  12. Older New RN

    That’s good to hear, thanks.
  13. CNM career change, L&D burnout

    I think you completely misunderstood what Marianna was saying in her post. She is saying (as LibraSun also pointed out), that it has been her experience that physiological birth is not respected in the hospital she was at. And that as an RN she has n...
  14. Older New RN

    Hello! I am an older new RN too. I specifically got my RN as I want to become a CNM. I have an ADN and after 3 months of looking I finally got a job in a hospital to get some experience as an RN. I could not get into L&D though (I"m in NJ) and I ...
  15. Great CNM Schools?

    So this really confuses me and I admit that I am a foreigner, so that may be why ? So here's my question: I could do a whole BSN at a school or just take 30 credits, the other credits would come from my ADN. But are you saying they will only lo...