I'm going to write up a CNA tonight.

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:angryfire There's a CNA who has worked at this LTC for 5 years. She never gets her vital signs done. I have worked at this LTC for 4 months and I am constantly after her to get it done. All of the other CNA's always do their vital signs without any reminders ever. It seems that this CNA's attitude to us nurses is" I'll do whatever I damn well please. What are you going to do about it write me up?" Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I don't have time to babysit this CNA anymore. Thanks :)

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Just keep to the facts. Date, time, and what she did or failed to do.

Don't write anything like "She always does..."

Just write one incident at a time.

Good luck. You're doing the right thing. Not only is she cheating the residents, but she's cheating the nurses and her fellow CNAs.


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Hello, I'm new, but finding my way around nicely. In terms of advice for 'writing up' staff, be sure you follow all the proper channels in terms of administration. Writing up someone may not only NOT be necessary, but may not even be YOUR responsibility. Not to say that you want to hide the fact that you are not happy with a staff members performance, but why take on this job of writing someone up that no one likes.

I've been in nursing for 21 years and in many different positions, mostly in middle to high level management in LTC. If your supervisor hasnt become involved at this point, then he or she should be and bring this problem to the attention of the Director of Nursing.

Proper documentation is necessary for any change to take place. As a starting point, I'd be gentle with the staff member and assist him or her with the task they are responsible for, in this case, vital signs.

I currently work nights in a union facility, and hear the negativity on a regular basis. Beneath that rough, tough nasty exterior is a person like the rest of us with a heart which may in fact be hurting. I combat this by being calm, and showing staff that I am a hands on nurse who is there for the patients and to do my job, even if this means 'writing up' staff who dont perform assigned tasks.

When they see that you take your patients and job seriously, they will respect you and perhaps have a change of heart. If you are the one to do the 'writing up', explain that you couldnt live with yourself if you were to overlook this type of behavior, and that you are willing to help this staff member with his or her tasks.

This approach has worked for me, I've seen staff members complete assigned tasks, AND take on a new attitude. Hope this helps, let us know...Sincerely, Lisa:)

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I have some fellow CNAs like the one you described. It's like hitting your head against the wall with them and sometimes, all you can do is write them up. There are a couple of people on 7-3 that the day shift supervisor has written up. She doesn't bat an eye when she does it, either.

cyberkat is right. Stick to the facts on a write-up and keep your opinions, feelings, etc. out of it.


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:) Thanks all for your suggestions. I will let you know what happens when I get home tomorrow morning. I will stick to the facts although I would really love to say "She always does this to all the nurses every day." It's not a one time incident. It's a "way of life" for this CNA. :angryfire

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You might want to make your OWN copy of what you write up, for your own records, before you turn in your write up. Amazing how sometimes there papers get "lost".


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sharpen your pencil!!!! this cna might blat the blues for awhile, and try turning other cna's against you.....but if the others have to pick up her slack, they will be happy you wrote her up!!!

it's so hard to make that decision....your aides can make or brake your night...im fortunate enough to have the best group of aides just about, in our facility and i let them & everyone else know it on a regular basis!!!

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Go for it. It bothers me when my fellow CNA's get away with doing nothing. Also write about her attitude.


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I say let her have it. I am so tired of pulling my weight and dragging lazy CNA's along behind me. I wont tell a big long personal story but I will just say enough is enough. They are paid to work and the patients in our care deserve the care they pay for.


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:chuckle I didn't have to write her up after all. I confronted her as soon as she arrived and told her I wanted her vital signs done by 12 midnight. At my LTC we use "inservice sheets" where we write down what we want nurses or CNA's to do. I had her sign my inservice sheet which clearly stated that vital signs are to be done by 12 midnight. I think she was "very surprised." She was very pleasant and helpful last night. Of course, I am keeping the written document she signed so I can attach it to a write-up if necessary in the future. Thanks everyone for your great suggestions!


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Another thought about writing up or discipling folks. Keep personal issues out of it. Make sure the person knows it is about their BEHAVIOR, not about them personally. In your case, it should be easy. "Here is the task I delegated to you. It did not get done. Is there a reason it didn't get done? No? Ok, I have to write up the fact that you did not complete this task I asked you to complete." Blah, blah, blah, or words to that effect!!! Usually it's all about tasks not getting completed.


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You might want to make your OWN copy of what you write up, for your own records, before you turn in your write up. Amazing how sometimes there papers get "lost".

If you decide to make a copy-do not tell anyone-copying an official incident report is against the rules! in most institutions-it is subpoenable by law

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