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  1. ComicRN

    Residents leaving for outside appointments...

    Thanks to everyone who has replied. This has been a big issue in our facility. Last month we had 10 outside appointments which left us short staffed 10 days. Granted, it wasn't for the whole day, but it does put a burden on the staff left behind. ...
  2. ComicRN

    I'm going to write up a CNA tonight.

    Another thought about writing up or discipling folks. Keep personal issues out of it. Make sure the person knows it is about their BEHAVIOR, not about them personally. In your case, it should be easy. "Here is the task I delegated to you. It did...
  3. ComicRN

    Do you live in the City or Upstate?

    Rochester here! Lived here all my life, except for three years in central/southern Illinois - tornado country. I'll take snow any day! :)
  4. ComicRN

    Welcome, New York Nurses!

    Hello fellow New Yorkers. This page wasn't here when I was a member 2 years ago. What a great idea. I'm an RN (x's 12 years)and live in the burbs outside of Rochester. I have my associates degree but will be finished with my BS in February. Can'...
  5. ComicRN

    Help with hopeless horrible nurse's aides

    I've been in LTC (employed, not living!!) for almost 10 years. I still love it. I am an RN, a nurse manager (for the past 1 1/2 years and currently a BSN student). I've learned a couple of things along the way. Treat others as you would like to be...
  6. Hello, it's me again........with another "how do you do this in your facility" question!!! We're having problems in our facility with residents going out for outside appointments: cardiologist, their own eye doctor, f/u after surgery, etc. We do hav...
  7. ComicRN

    Ambulation in Long Term Care

    Thank you so much to everyone who has replied!! Great ideas so far and I will take them all into consideration. If anyone has anything more to add, I'd love to hear it. Thanks again - Jan
  8. ComicRN

    Impaction in toddlers?

    Has anyone checked to see if the child has a megacolon? This could also be causing her problem.
  9. Hi, if you are a LTC nurse, could you please go to my thread regarding "Ambulation in LTC" and take a look? I'm a nurse manager and BS student who has aquestion about how you handle ambulation in your facilities. Thanks so much - Jan :)
  10. ComicRN

    Ambulation in Long Term Care

    Greetings! I am a returning member, last here in 9/14/02, according to the little thingee that popped up when I logged back in!! I am now the nurse manager on a 46-bed LTC unit. I am also a returning nursing student. I am in the midst of getting m...
  11. ComicRN

    Death & Dying Question

    Can anyone help me here? I work on a LTC floor. We have a resident who was diagnosed less than a year ago w/ CA of the spine and had been doing well up until the last week or so. The family wasn't so sure about hospice until today (late in the da...
  12. Came across this while I was cleaning off my desk the other day! It's a list of things to say to your co-workers when trying to "effectively communicate." (sorry in advance about some of the language, I didn't write this!!) TRY SAYING: I love...
  13. ComicRN

    What would be YOUR Specific Orders?

    This has really gotten me thinking. I guess if anything were to happen to me now, these are the things I would no particular order: 1. a room w/ no hospital smells 2. flannel sheets (I get cold easily) 3. a double bed so my husband...
  14. ComicRN

    Feeling incompetent

    I think Aimee and kd said most of what there is to say. I would also add that in you "spare time" familiarize yourself with your facilitiy's policy and procedure book. I'm sure it's about 3 million pages long (as most of them are). But, even just ...
  15. ComicRN

    Your first IM injection

    Boobaby, when I read your post it was like deja vu all over again!!! I had to give my first IM on a patient who I wasn't even taking care of in clincal that day. So, I didn't even know the poor lady......and of course, she didn't know me either. ...