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Nurse Aide for 2 & 1/2 years, Second Year Pre-Nursing Student, EMT-B Student

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  1. Chad_KY_SRNA


    I always wanted to get something medical or nursing related, this was before I dropped out of nursing school and decided to be an EMT, I have decided if I get another tattoo that it will be the chinese symbol for the word "ouch". Its not specific to one job or another and it just seems to fit my personality.
  2. Chad_KY_SRNA

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    Not exactly a nursing ghost story but my best friend who I was living with at the time and myself were painting the house and he yelled for me to "come here quick". He was painting the outside of the bedroom door at the time. There were very small hand prints all over the door, he's 6'2" and I am 5'11" and there were no children around. I tried to upload a picture but its too big. You can clearly see the hand prints though.
  3. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Dreading work, feeling like a fake

    Its always hard being the new kid on the block. :chair: You feel like going somewhere and hiding. Remember, in an emergency you can call another nurse to come advise and help you, your CNAs have seen a lot and can help you out. Call the doctor and if all else fails send them out to the emergency room. I have worked entire shifts at the ambulance service where we never saw one patient so its not like we are always busy. Not saying that we don't get that way. I have gone days when we were going from one run to the next without a break for hours. Continue praying, have a positive attitude, go in and do your best. Thats all anyone can really ask of you anyway. Its not always so new and frightening.
  4. My friend was taken to jail and booked on suspicion of DUI, she demanded they draw labs and swears she was not impaired.
  5. My friend was taken to jail and booked on suspicion of DUI, she demanded they draw labs and swears she was not impaired.
  6. A friend of mine was arrested tonight for possible DUI, can she loose her nursing license for this?
  7. A friend of mine was arrested tonight for possible DUI, can she loose her nursing license for this?
  8. That makes me nervous.
  9. Chad_KY_SRNA

    I want a yellow stethoscope, know where I can find one?

    I finally found one and since I have been a poor unemployed EMT student for so long, I worked out a deal with a friend to provide services as a personal assistant and got it paid for
  10. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Nurses vs EMTs?

    Being a hero or martyr is not exactly the same as providing rescue breathing to a dying patient when no type of barrier device is available. If a stranger found you in respiratory arrest would you want them to not perform rescue breathing because they were unsure if you have any illnesses? I WANT TO LIVE!!!! OK even I am willing to admit that last bit was pretty cheesie, despite being cheesie, its true.
  11. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Nurses vs EMTs?

    I understand scene safety and BSI however if it comes down to a kid dying because I am afraid of what he may have, I am going to do my best to save the child. I know what can happen on a scene, I was watching the local NBC affiliate one afternoon when they broke into whatever show I was watching, their news crew was diverted from a story for a call of a woman down in her front yard, a possible domestic violence incident. They had arrived with the engine and ambulance and filmed the crews getting out of the units. There was a man hiding in the house, he opened fire on the crew, killing an EMT and wounding her partner so severly that he had to retire from emergency medical services and the fire department. It was all broadcast live that day. The tape was later used as evidence in his murder trial. The wife also passed away.
  12. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Nurses vs EMTs?

    Well personal safety is great but if I am in a situation where a pt is not breathing and has a pulse, I am going to start rescue breathing because no breathing= no pulse. Suppose that it happens at the local Save A Lot in my home town with our lights and sirens it would take in the neighborhood of 15 minutes from the time we got the call from dispatch. If that kid stopped breathing in the first two-three minutes after the incident occured by the time we got on scene the patient may have already suffered irreversible brain damage. I have a CPR mask in my car but if its not convenient I will not hesitate to do mouth to mouth.
  13. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Nurses vs EMTs?

    To the OP, heard anything on the kid?
  14. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Nurses vs EMTs?

    Well I am an :redlight:EMT and CNA:redlight:, I would have stabilized the c-spine, log rolled the pt, cleared the airway, and then assessed breathing. Sounds like once the airway was clear he started breathing regularly so rescue breathing was not indicated. I would have continued to stabilize the c-spine and provided other care as needed until an ambulance arrived. Some people frighten me. All that "Skippy" would have done was push emesis, mucous, saliva, etc into that kids lungs and made things far worse. I would have asked to see his Basic Life Support and National Registry of Emeregency Medical Technician's cards after care was turned over to local EMS. He sounds like a liar or an idiot to me. I am so new to EMS and to some of you all I am still a young'en but I agree with the care provided by the OP. There is no Nurse VS EMT, we have to work together to provide the patient with the highest level of care possible. Of course, Thats just my two cents.
  15. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Don't Rough My Newborn Up!!!!!!!

    In EMS I have always heard, If you drop a baby pick it up, thats why they come with bungee cords.
  16. Chad_KY_SRNA

    Laptops: What do you have?

    I have a Toshiba Tecra that I have had about a year, it works really well. My parents bought a cheap desktop at Wal-Mart two or three years ago and it is so much slower than my laptop. One of the women at the ambulance service bought the inexpensive Wal-Mart laptop for her paramedic class and she said it worked ok. I use my laptop for my EMT class and its worked really well as far as running all of the software that is used in the class. I didn't feel that I had to have a laptop but its nice to have, I took it on vacation with me to Daytona Beach, I can take it from my house to moms, to class, pretty much anywhere that I choose to go. It makes a good portable DVD player too.