Im going to be a Mom... again

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We just decided for sure, we are going to Adopt a baby girl from Russia! We have 2 bio sons, and are thrilled at the process of adding another dimention to our family!

This is another one of those "Dreams" that took years to achieve.

I should be a new mom again....... in about 10 months!

:kiss :roll

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Just curious....why does Russia have extra babies for foreign adoption?


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Simply put, they are a poor country since the fall of communism. There are hundreds of thousands of babies in orphanages that need homes.

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That is WONDERFUL, RNnurse2be !!! :) CONGRATS !

I'm always thrilled for ANY child to be adopted, and for the parents-to be as well ! How very exciting for you !

We want pics, ok? ;)

Congrats!! That is so exciting!!


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I am thrilled beyond belief! I never thought this day would be here! OK... We need names for baby girls. We like unique, original names...

The one we like so far is : Jaycene Rae

Jay is a family name on both sides and Ray is my brothers middle name...


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Congrats Connie!



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Congrats!!!! Can't wait to hear the names!


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Wonderful, Connie, congo rats!! One of my good friends adopted a little girl from Russia 2 years ago, and she and her husband have 2 boys as well. They are quite the happy family. I am so excited for you!

:) :) :) :)


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CONGRAAAAAATULAAATIONS!!!!!!!! :balloons: :balloons: :balloons:


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Uliana (pronounced Ouliana) :) , Alexandra, Eugenia, Anastasia , Daria ..... I can give you more :) These are actual Russian names that sound really nice in english too.

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