I'm not going to lie...


Some people genuinely annoy me on here, I'm ALL for furthering education but dreading those of us who choose to start with our ADN is complete disrespect.

Had my mother been healthier (she has RA and her pain is becoming unbearable.... she's a massage therapist ... her hands are her money makers) I would have gone the BSN route.

There's nothing more that I want than to retire my poor old mom.

Going the BSN route would have meant

a) A further drive... lets just say our vehicles SUCK! My community college is even walking distance .. need be!!!

b) I would have had to pay 25K for the BSN... my ADN costs 5K.

c) Graduating later...I need to retire my mom... NOW ... she's 57 ... has HTN ... she's already had 2 hypertensive crises. Her RA puts her in awful pain

I appreciate higher education. I know I will bridge for my BSN and I plan to obtain my MSN by age 24.

I'm currently 20 and in my second semester.

side note: I hope that after I obtain my BSN THEN I will be qualified worthy of obtaining a job in the ICU. I will apply everywhere either way....

what do I have to lose? My friend graduated with her ADN and received a position as a NICU nurse... as a new grad!

I'm glad to say that everywhere I go the nurses truly enjoy us... and tell as graduates from our college make some good nurses.

For a community college we've done pretty well. Recently spent millions on a simulation lab... new lecture rooms... ect. I personally am learning a lot here and he best part is that if I graduate with a 3.0 I AUTOMATICALLY am accepted into UTMB upon applying because my college has a deal with them.



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Meh, I get where you're coming from but don't let it get to you. I just graduated with my ADN and passed NCLEX. I plan on going for my BSN as soon as possible. I'm currently a CNA and I wouldn't be able to discern between an ADN or BSN on the floor unless I asked them personally.

Our program (American River College) here in Sacramento, has an excellent reputation. Some of the best, most bad *** nurses were ARC grads, I found out.

I think it's a personal decision whichever way you go about becoming a nurse. If someone has a problem with that, that's on them. You're still really young, don't worry, you've got plenty of time. It's never too late, IMO. It's your life, don't let other people's attitudes get to you. You know what you need to do so go do it! Good luck! ;)

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One of my favorite things is when people I work with are quick to point out that they have a BSN from a locally well known college. I smile and say "whoop dee do, I have a bachelors from that school AND an ADN from bah blah blah." They usually shut up after that.

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Yes, an ADN is faster, easier (because it's faster), and less expensive. Yes, there are markets with fabulous entry level positions for ADN nurses. No one disputes these things. You have nothing to prove.

Believe it or not, where I currently live the hospitals have a preference for new grads from the community college (though they're technically a full blown college now as they fairly recently started offering bachelor degrees in a few subjects) over the new grads from the 4 year university.

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Everyone has their own path and their own reasons. You're making the right choice for you, and no one should argue that. Just like those that choose to go straight for their BSN are doing what's right for them. It's all good! ;)


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If my parents had not offered to pay for my BSN, I would have definitely gone for my ADN first. My community college has an amazing ADN program with a near perfect NCLEX rate. I know good & bad nurses in all categories (ADN, BSN, both). You went with what is best with you and that is ALL that matters. Don't let anyone put you down for that.


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I did LPN then ADN, etc...on up the food chain.

Nothing wrong with that - in the end I got where I wanted to be.

Good luck in school - sounds like a solid plan to me.



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I am currently getting my ADN and soon to be getting my BSN. I had a mom that was one of the best ADNs that there ever was. She showed me to never stop learning and to always put your pts first. I have been an LPN for 24 years and I still love what I do. I've seen a lot of changes and the change now is hospitals are not hiring LPNs unless you already work there and some are pushing ADNs to get a BSN. I don't think that makes you a better nurse at all but I do believe it gives you alittle more knowledge and that never hurts. Lets all remember why we do what we do...



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im 50,2nd semester ADN program..and thats it for me..