I'm Accepted! Whoa!!!

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I received my acceptance letter last Saturday and it's finally starting to sink in. I can't believe I'll be a nurse! I start in January and it's an accelerated BSN program.



Congrats to you!!!! I am still waiting to hear..............

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Congrats, I'll be starting my ABSN program in January too.

Congrats!!!:yeah: Im in my first year of my Bsn Program and it rocks!!


Congratulations. Enjoy the precious time you have before school starts because once it does start, time becomes more valuable than gold lol. I am in an ADN program and am almost halfway done, and I still cant believe it. Between school, clinicals, exams, quizes, preclinical, assignments, and prep for the NCLEX, you will soon find that it will be the most intense schooling out there.

Good luck and just try to focus on your goals. :smokin:

Congrats - I will be starting my BSN degree in January too!

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Thanks guys! I have been told by multiple people that my life, well I won't have a life when school starts. I'm grateful that our program is 18mths. I'm going to give it all I got and pray!

I have been told the same thing! Good thing it is just 5 semesters! With lots of hard work and determination, we will make it through to the other side!! Good luck to you!!! I wish you all the best!

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Congrats!!!!! I also start my BSN program in January!!!!! My program is 5 semesters and I cannot wait to get it started :) :yeah:

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hold on tight...! at first everything will seem like its all piling on top of you but the time will fly before you know it :)

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Congrats to everyone! Yes these 5 semesters will be tough, but I'm ready. We had to sign something stating we couldn't even take a vacation/trip unless it was the beginning of Fall semester or Christmas break. And to be honest, I think I'd rather sit home and do nothing to prepare for the next semester.

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