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Last night I was talking to my sister (I'll call her Belle) who's husband(I'll call him Justin) has been out of work for many, many months. Justin is now trying to join the Air Force Reserves - b/c heaven forbid that he should try to join active duty b/c then he would have to work! Anyway, in the middle of trying to get everything together the the AF, Justin comes up with "maybe I'll go back to school for nursing!" (grrrrr)

Let me give you a little hx. Justin has a double degree in Business and History and when he and Belle met, he was working part time at a grocery store as a checker. He then went to work at Phillips but was then laid off and went back to work for the grocery store. The grocery store closed and he went to work for Wal-mart until Phillips recalled him. Then Phillips moved overseas (grrr) and Justin has been out of work ever since. Wal-mart won't hire him back! He's lazy lazy lazy!!! And now he says "I'll just go be a nurse!" Like this is some easy thing to do and he'll just breeze thru it.

I am so annoyed at this person already for being a useless waste of oxygen and now he thinks he'll just "go to nursing school". :rolleyes: :stone

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Well maybe he can work the night shift and eat and read magazines all night because the patients sleep all night.


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Just MAYYYYYBEEEE your brother-in-law will grow up with the challenge of becoming a nurse??????? One can only pray, eh? :)

Sometimes maturation hits us when we least expect a change within ourselves. College tends to "grow up" a lot of adults long after they've reached true adulthood and gotten their feet wet in "realityville". May this happen to your brother-in-law. :)

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It's a nice idea, but the man is almost 40 years old! He all but told my sis at one point that he really didn't want to work. That would be fine if she made enough money to support them but...we won't go there. If would also be a nice idea if he actually did something around the house all day but he doesn't - unless you count sleeping and fussing at the 3 year old for getting into things she is not supposed to (maybe if watched her she wouldn't do this?)

I say fussing at the kids, but that is only on the days when he can't con my mother into watching the kids while he "goes to look for a job". On those days, he just goes home to sleep - I guess the stress of taking the kids to mom's house is too much for him.

And again...GRRR

:( :(

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Your BIL sounds like the kind of guy who's so lazy he could be dead for a week before anyone would notice, and only then because he'd start to stink! Don't worry about him going to nursing school.......he'd never make it through the pre-req's.:stone


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I understand your grrr! What gets me is when people say "Why didn't you become a doctor? " or Why don't you finish school and be a doctor?" But ya know---What's a doctor without THE NURSE?!!


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i wouldn't worry about it - either he won't make it....or he will and his co-workers will eat him alive...and dump every s%$tty patient on him....:roll :roll


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i would not give this any more thought than this. guy sounds like a moron and i never worry what morons have to say. water off a duck's back.:)


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Originally posted by sara610


It's a nice idea, but the man is almost 40 years old! He all but told my sis at one point that he really didn't want to work.....................................:(

One of my sisters was married to a man who didn't want to work. They have three kids together (now adults thank God), and she divorced him for saying he was not going to get a real job. He loved to tinker around with cars and make money on the side, but he never made enough to support the family. My sis has always worked, and worked hard too. She's doing better without the lazy bum who STILL doesn't work after all these years of them being divorced. So, it sounds like my sis dropped a couple hundred pounds of loser material. Perhaps your sis may want to consider doing the same. :)

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Actually, he'd probably do quite well through the prereqs, though probably not when the rubber meets the road in the actual nursing coursework.

It sounds as if he really wants someone to offer him a job as a CEO where he can sit and prop his feet up on a desk all day and have a secretary fetch his coffee.

Of course, there is the possibility that he might actually finish and work as a nurse. I have a SIL who didn't work for years and I thought never would. She got a college degree and now actually does teach. Wonders never cease!


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Heh heh heh..... I say let him go to nursing school. It really is for lazy people. He can saunter in for clinicals whenever it suits him. He can do his paper work on the days he does not attend lecture, during the commercial breaks while watching TV. Piece of cake. Then he can get a really good paying job with flexible hours. It is so easy I really do not know why there is a nursing shortage.;)

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