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Espresso girl!

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Where the heck do you see nurses driving a BMW? Can they actually afford it?

Espresso Girl


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sheesh. i'm an RN in the States and only make $18.70 an hour.


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Nurse driving a BMW? .............Musta been the one married to the doctor.


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I work fulltime plus OT....I drive a hyundai.

Must be doing something wrong......

Originally posted by Espresso girl!

Where the heck do you see nurses driving a BMW? Can they actually afford it?

Espresso Girl

Lots of them in California. I heard they earn $50 an hour. Hmm... they could be lying to me so I don't know.

They're probably lying, or not telling the whole truth--like how much OT it took to get that average.

There's a lot of work to be had in my area. You want the life style, you work--a lot. It's a rare nurse that doesn't work two jobs, one FT, one per diem. Some work two FT jobs.

And Kaelie, don't be so hard on someone like me who went into nursing because I needed a salable skill. I stayed because it suited me. The ones who need to leave are those for whom nursing is a bad fit, no matter how much heart they may have.


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I live in southern California, and I understand that a nurse with a BSN makes about $48,000.00 a year to start. (However, there is no distinction as to where one is employed or in what field/specialty. I have reason to believe that a floor nurse in a hospital.) Since I make well over $48,000.00 a year I KNOW that that doesn't equate to $25.00 an hour. $48,000.00 a year isn't even the median income here. Plus, everything is so expensive here in southern California. I live in a studio apartment (my choice) in a great complex almost on the wrong side of the tracks in a very nice city -- and it runs me $800.00 a month. I don't think there's anything less expensive in all of Orange County, California. So if you think salaries are great here, you have to remember that the COL is commensurate. My only salvation is that I will have a good pension when I retire in a few years. I can live on it and bank most of the income from whatever nursing job I get. I have no desire to have a BMW. However, I did see a fire engine red Toyota convertible that I'd like. :chuckle


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Myth #1 - RN's make plenty of money, I thought so to until I became one and realizes that most nurses were working a second job to make 70-90K a year.

Myth #2 - I will have plenty of time to take care for my patients, especially since that is what nursing is all about. On most units you will worked so hard you will have very little time for patient interaction. You will feel like a person on a assembly line, except auto plant employees who work on an assembly lines actually make more than you an hour and did not have to go through the hell we call nursing school.

Myth #3- RN's have so much autonomy and make such a difference. although we are given a tremendous amount of responsibility we have very little autonomy in regards to actual decision making with the patients treatment plan. Many nurses confuse the amount of responsibility dumped on them with true autonomy. I would say that as a profession we probably have the least amount of automy compared to other professions that require a 4-year degree from a university. For heavens sake there a CEO's of small hospitals that only have 4-yr. business degrees. And anyone who has been exposed to both the undergrad business cur. and a BSN program can tell you that the nursing degree requires much more effort and is much more stressful because of the clinical aspect of the training.

There is a reason there is such a nursing shortage, mainly that the most bedside jobs are not that appealing, they are very stressful, you are expected to also work as clerk, nurses aid and waiter. Bright young people today who are aspiring to go to college and get a four year degree don't want to be worked like a bedside nurse. they want jobs that have autonomy, respect, an above average incomes. When I tell people what kind of patients we take care of in the ICU and the knowledge required to the job properly, they are amazed. However, when I tell them what I make and that I also have to do plenty of aid work, plenty of shit cleaning, also funtion as the clerk and as a waiter, they are surprised. Bottem line most of my other college educated friends respect what we do but would never do it theirselves. Mainly because of all the scut work associated with bedside nursing. Nursing job description will have to be updated if it wants to compete with other college professions. There are just too many other avenues for young college bound people today.


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Well I didnt get into nursing for the money..... I wasnt that diliuted when I got into nursing. I dont drive a BMW either but I do drive a mercedes... but my hubby bought it . I cant say I make the money I think Im worth but I cant say Im broke either. Im underpaid, but I do well.


doobiedo, RN

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Specializes in Critical Care, Long Term Care.

I'm still looking for the money....! And I believe most nurses would agree (if they have been in the field long enough) that a doctor is the last person they would marry....


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Man.....Maybe I have just been a poor, struggling student for too long but I would be happy with any of these numbers......17.00 , 20.00 an hour........30,000 , 45,000.....a year. My goodness, I could actually buy the meat not in the marked down section. Geeez I will be excited to have a job that gets me more than 8.50 an hour........OOOOOOOOoh I can't wait. I may just have to buy me a BMW.....lol:D

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