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K O'Malley

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RN Pupil, for one thing nurses don't wear dresses or skirts, we wear scrubs that look like ill fitting pajamas, nothing sexy about them at all and after a typical harrowing shift we look like we've been run over by a bulldozer. And who in their right mind would want to marry a doctor? What a crappy life!


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I have worked as an aide for over ten years. I was very conflicted about choosing a different career. I know now that going to nursing school would have been a huge mistake. The down side is that you need at the minimum a masters to do much of anything else. The money was not enough to change my mind.

I am now a very well educated nurse aide.


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RN pupil, why can only the slender ones wear the dresses? Give me a break. Do you really believe that? It takes a hell of a lot more than a slendar babe out of some x rated movie to be a real nurse. It takes brains and it takes guts. And yes, common sense, which you most likely do not have to post something as ignorant as that. As for the money, ha. We do not get paid a grand fortune. Most jobs are part time, so the health insurance eats most of your check. Not alot of nurses in reality drive BMW and dont have to live paycheck to paycheck. This is the most ridiculous thing I have read since your last post. Oh, by the way, I feel that I am very dedicated to the people I take care of, and there families, and no, I am not retired, I am a 36 year old LPN, adn proud of it.


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As someone in another field (computers) who is considering the nursing field, I don't think you should go into ANY field just for the money - you won't hold a candle to someone whose "niche" is that field. Computers aren't my niche, so it's tougher to excel; it's just not me. I want to find something that's a better fit.

I've seen a LOT of people on this site complaining about how much money they make. I don't know if anyone realizes it, but no matter HOW much you make, there will ALWAYS be people above you and in other fields who make more. Do you know there are teachers with master's degrees who make LESS than you?

Better to be SMART with what you make and not spend every dime of it. If you made $100k a year but spent $120K, you'd STILL be in a hole. Don't think more money would transform you into someone who saves money.

And there is NO perfect job. People in EVERY field complain about not being paid enough, not being appreciated or recognized for their contributions, not receiving promotions, etc. I'm a contractor, so I've been at a LOT of companies over the years, and so much of it boils down to your attitude. There are a LOT of people in the computer field who are STILL out of work and would KILL to be able to work and make half of what you make. A lot of people in my area have had to sell their homes because the computer field is still so dead.

For those of you who continue to nurse and take care of people because you love it, you have my utmost respect and appreciation. My hat is definitely off to you.

Nurse Izzy

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It's funny, MICU RN, because I went to college, got a 4year degree in German with a minor in International Trade and worked in the import/export business for several years and decided I hated it. I've always loved nursing/caring/human body/poop cleaning, etc :) and feel completely at home in the hospital. I think a lot of it has to depend on your personality and what you want out of life. If I wanted the BMW I'd be doing something else, but I get to leave each day knowing that I've made a difference in someone's life, no matter how small. Yeah, we get to put up with a lot of crap, but what job doesn't?

Off that topic, I have heard rumours (from a friend who lives in TN - can't verify personally) that RNs in lower TN, near AL are making $40/hr because they are in such short supply there. They're hoping to draw nurses from the Huntsville and Nashville areas to cover their shortages.

Nurse Izzy

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Hey guys - just re-read my post and realized it may sound like I'm upset with MICU or something. Please don't flame me - it was meant to be nice and I'm not sure it came out that way???


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No offense taken, and if you truly enjoy nursing, God Bless you. As I often have said, I have the greatest respect for good nurses and GOD knows we need as many as we can get. Good luck with your nursing career. I just feel as though bedside nursing is not for me and i have stuck it out so i could become a crna.


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I wouldn't say I decided to go into nursing just for the money, but it was certainly a deciding factor. When I looked at what new graduates were making in the field, it was a couple grand more than what I was making in my career at the time (animal trainer, they can pay you dirt because everyone wants to be one). And in talking with nurses and what they make, well, I may never be a millionaire or drive a BMW (wouldn't want to anyway!) but it's certainly a huge step up from what I was doing before.


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I think its only right that nurses get good pay. Nurses have very critical role in health care. I don't think I would like to be a nurse if they pay me $12 an hour. I can earn that just answering phones and I don't have to go to school either! Hospitals need to stop being so stingy and help provide nurses good life because nurses are valuable!


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Originally posted by Nurse Izzy

Off that topic, I have heard rumours (from a friend who lives in TN - can't verify personally) that RNs in lower TN, near AL are making $40/hr because they are in such short supply there. They're hoping to draw nurses from the Huntsville and Nashville areas to cover their shortages.

Sorry, but don't count on it . Not in Memphis anyway.



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Tilleycs...nice post....and well said! I agree....

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