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A person that decides to do the Nursing program should be someone that is caring, sensitive and love communicating with and helping those that are unable to help themselves(yes, even those pesky patients that make u crazy!!.:D) If you are thinking of becoming a nurse for the money alone......i suggest you look at something else.

I know so many nurses that detest their job and this makes me really sad & angry, because the patient is the one who suffers, i wouldn't want to be in the care of a cantankerous nurse.:(

But if you would make a great nurse & are just curious about salary then i can tell you that as an LPN I make $22.00/hr. RN's make $40+/hr........this is in BC, Canada.

Just my 2 cents!


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I have seen many burned out nurses myself. Feeling kinda like that now. Thinking working at Kohls sounds pretty good. On the night shift working in stock.


Mattigan, RN

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I could never work at Kohls. On payday, I'd owe them money.


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Could someone please explain to me what an LPN is, I'm from New Zealand and am unsure of that term.

I'm currently doing my bachelors degree in Nursing because this is what I have always wanted to do.




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RNs in BC DO NOT make 40+ an hour!! Where the hell are you working? Or I am getting screwed big time. As an RN I make about 28$ an hour and this is Canadian dollars! Top of the payscale is 32$ according to our new collective agreement available from http://www.bcnu.org (this is for a bedside nurse who has worked for 9 years). 39$ an hour is for a level 4 administrative nurse with 9 years, and we don't even have such a posistion in our hospital.


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?Where are you located in BC......:confused:

If i am off by a FEW dollars, excuse me.:rolleyes: I am only going by what my RN friends say they make. Two of these ladies have been RN's for over 20 years, so i tend to believe what they say. Why would they lie about it??(i'm not implying that 'newbies' make that amount! I should have been specific)

In fact when my husband(respected physician) is On Call and has to go to the hospital in an emerg. situation, he earns almost the same as a nurse per hr after taxes!!! I am an LPN on Vancouver Island & know exactly what my husband makes, that's for sure. Geesh!




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Kaelie, you can go to the union website yourself and click on the link to wage schedules. A bedside nurse is not making over 40 an hour unless she is including her benefit money in that (and she has to pay for her benefits and gets no paid vacation) even after 20 years (the top of the pay scale is reached after nine years of full or part time employment or the equivalent number of casual hours). I thought 8$ was a big difference and wondered why I wasn't getting over 40 if they were.


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Hi Fergus51,

I got a chance to check out the wage scale this afternoon and you are correct. However, I don't understand why the ladies i work with would UP there wage, if they're only getting paid say $30/hr.

Thanks for clarifying this, i guess some people like lying about there wages, maybe to make an LPN look small perhaps.....but my co-workers are totally aware that my husband is a Physician, so why would their so-called high wage bother me?.....strange, huh?

Take Care,



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If I was married to a doctor, I wouldn't even care what my own wage was let alone other nurses!:) Sigh.... too bad I don't know any I want to date....;)


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I know what you mean. Alot of those Docs are real A-holes! I met my husband while he was in medical school, so i believe i 'captured' him before he had the chance or possibility of becoming all egotistical and high & mighty.:chuckle

He's a nice one, i wouldn't put up with a jerk that's for sure. I deal with my share of 'winners' at work...:o



Poor nurse here. Definitly no money. Is there an amount you can put on someone's life? I dont think so.

I admit when I first started considering nursing as a career, its because of all the nurses I saw driving a BMW. But now, I see nursing as a career with heart, a career with a great opportunity of giving care and compassion to people, patients and their families. Now, the BMW comes as my second consideration for choosing nursing as a career.

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