If you could invent nursing supplies, what would it be?

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fuzzywuzzy, CNA

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a call bell that starts to zap you after you press it more than 10x/hr :jester:

nightmare, RN

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a call bell that starts to zap you after you press it more than 10x/hr :jester:

I want one of those as well!!:yeah::yeah:

RNperdiem, RN

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A superpowered room deodorizer that can handle any odor problem completely and does not have a strong scent.

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I love my temporal therometer I use on the students. I just slide it across their foreheads and with in two seconds I have a temp. !

A sort of "condom cath" for women that fits like a suction and sends the urine to a foley bag.

A bed alarm that actually said,"Please, lay back down" in a monotone voice to the pt, so that they would think that they had been caught.

Wheechair cushions that would shift the pt's weight from cheek to cheek so that they wouldn't have to be boosted so often.


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a stethoscope that never gets lost or stolen.

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a stethoscope that never gets lost or stolen.

Amen to that! Can't tell you how many times I have had to track down some doctor who "left his stethoscope in the car". Well, take yourself back down there and go get it and leave mine alone!:banghead:

I love my cat!

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Along the lines of a stethoscope....a tiny GPS system implanted in it so when it does walk off, you can track it down. If a person tries to remove the GPS system as a a way to make the stolen stethoscope their own 'finders-keepers', ink sprays all over them and can't be washed off for 3 days. Then you can track down who is trying to lift YOUR scope!


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How about a trap door with a slide to the parking lot for those family members who INSIST on force feeding their dying loved ones. All the while the patient is coughing up the aspirated food and I am swabbing the oatmeal out of their mouths the rest of the shift. :banghead:

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I'd like wireless EKG leads and a wireless pulse ox that transmit heart rhythms and O2 sat to the monitor and telemetry. I know it'd be expensive but it would sure be nice!

That and the zapping call bell sounds good to me!


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A chux pad that sends an alarm when it is soiled sounds wonderful to me, along with the zapping call button! What else... an IV pole that has sturdy wheels to get over those stupid thresholds between the bathroom and patient room and a place to hang a foley bag on the them. A cattle prod like device to use on the nurses who seem to be able to sit for 7 out of the 8 hour shift. A self release roll belt that is just a little bit harder to get off. A silent air mattress. No rinse shampoo that does not leave a residue. Toilet that automatically collects stool and urine and send it to the lab. A way to attach a condom cath that works for more than five minutes. there are more I am sure... but thats all I can think of.



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An infusion pump that knows the difference between a piggyback and the main IV fluids. So that when I forget to unclamp the piggyback, it TELLS me and doesn't pretend like it's running the piggyback when it's really running the main IV fluid.

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