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ShelleyERgirl has 20 years experience as a LPN and specializes in Oncology, Cardiology, ER, L/D.

Former Navy hospital corpsman, EMT, worked ER, Labor and Delivery, oncology, cardiology, currently working on my RN degree

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  1. ShelleyERgirl

    feeling stupid

    I can understand that you are discouraged but take heart, like some others said some people may change their minds before classes even start. We lost four people before the first day so you could still get in. Hang in there.
  2. ShelleyERgirl

    Is Nursing Course Failure Always a Bad Thing?

    I am a second time nursing student after ten years since being in an RN program originally. In my case, I didn't fail out of program but had some serious family health issues that required me to be there for my family in a way I couldn't do in nursing school. I have to say after this little hiatus of mine, it makes you figure out what you want, what you have to do to get it, and what you will sacrifice to make it happen.
  3. ShelleyERgirl

    Left Speechless

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it puts so many things in perspective for me. I am a current nursing student with an exam coming up tomorrow and I have been putting off doing any major studying. After reading this, it occurs to me that it is a privilege and a honor to be where I am. Thank you for making me appreciate the fact that while yes, I have a test to take, at least I have a future in which to see the results of my hard work. I needed that.
  4. ShelleyERgirl

    Losing weight while in school

    Lord, I would love to forget to eat! Well, maybe not because then I would probably be dead and that would suck very much bad....... Kudos to you all who have lost weight, I just don't want to have to have someone cut me out of my house so I can make it to graduation!
  5. ShelleyERgirl

    My nursing school story

    Way to go girl! I am also a vet although Navy not Army and I too have had to take the looonng way around. Fortunately, my issue was not being deployed but family health issues. I was in an RN program in 2003. Halfway through, I had to drop out due to my father's health in which he went into hospice and passed away. Being an only child and having a mother who also had health issues, I couldn't go back for a while. Sadly, my Mom passed away last year. I am finally back in a program and will start again this January. It has only taken me ten years but I am determined to do it! Thank you so much for the advice and also for your service. You rock!
  6. ShelleyERgirl

    My 9 year old patient was raped and required surgery

    That is wonderful! I am so happy for you and your new little girl. May God bless you and your family.:redbeathe
  7. ShelleyERgirl

    Tossing Your Cookies...

    Excessive earwax, had patient eat his after irrigating his ears and then showing him how much i got out. Everything else, bring it on!
  8. ShelleyERgirl

    Things Patients Have Taught Me NOT To Do.

  9. ShelleyERgirl

    Orders you wish you could have written in the chart...

    To the pt's PIA daughter, please drink one tall glass of "shut the hell up" and don't call me unless there is a problem.
  10. Didn't I see you on Maury Povich trying to figure out who your Last baby's daddy was? Are you sure?:)
  11. ShelleyERgirl

    please i need your prayers

    I am so sorry for your loss. Will be praying for you and please know that you:icon_hug::icon_hug: are definitely not alone.
  12. ShelleyERgirl

    The strangest thing you've ever seen on an x-ray?

    a cervical thermometer, a patient trying to get pregnant was checking her mucous when she accidently pushed it through the cervical os. Whoops!:smackingf
  13. ShelleyERgirl

    Talked into a career in nursing by Stephen King.

    Erik, you rock! Good for you fighting for your dreams. I also am a huge Stephen King fan and have read the extended version of the Stand. It is okay, it didn't really add that much to the story for me.
  14. ShelleyERgirl

    From the mouths of non-nurses

    This isn't medical but was watching "American Idol" a couple years ago and it was one of the audition episodes where this young girl stated she would be the next American Idol because she had a lot of "self-confidentiality"! I laughed until I cried when I heard that, it just struck me so funny.
  15. ShelleyERgirl

    Strangest thing ever said to you by another professional.

    :rotfl: Erik, you kill me!
  16. ShelleyERgirl

    Strangest thing ever said to you by another professional.