I took NCLEX-RN today and got all 265 Questions!!


Hello Guys I am new to this... But here it goes. I took NCLEX-RN today for the second time. The first time I had 114 questions and I a failed :( Today I got all 265 questions :( I am so worried that I didnt pass again!??! Its just nerve racking!! How long does it usually take the NCBON to post license and whats your experience with passing or failing w/265 questions?!?! Thanks Guys!!!! :)


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I don't know much about this. But, there is a site on here, under NCLEX and you may be able to find a better answer, from students who are going thro the same thing.

Fingers crossed for you!


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from what i am told by my schools nursing program, you are given questions to answer until you get 75 questions right. so you could answer the 1st 75 right and the test end after question 75 or you may need to go to question 150 or higher..

try the pearsonvue trick , go on to ur pearsonvue account and try to register for another exam.. if it stops u from registering it means you passed... if u see the credit card page.. that means fail.. and good luck!!! stay positive, i think you passed! ;)


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Thanks.. I did that once already after reading on here about the PearsonVue trick and it wouldn't let me go all the way to the payment page.. SO I HOPE THAT TRICK HOLDS UP :) Either way it atleast gave me a little hope and made me feel better.. Thanks :)


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All can say is GOOD LUCK. I am on the same boat. I took my exam sat and I got 265. The first time I got 114. And I am so nervous and so scared.

Good Luck Waterfall09

Yes me tooooo!! im in the same boat as u.. that trick is keeping me sane..i will find out in 36 hours if i really passed...but i have faith in this trick 100%


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You said you took it Saturday? What state are you in? Can you not already view your quick results?!?! I have my fingers crossed for you :)


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I have faith in it too b/c thats all I have to hang on to right now haha. I wont find out for 48 hours :( ugh torture!!! Let me know how you do when you find out :) I have my fingers crossed for you!!!!!


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From what I've read before, if you answer a certain % of questions correctly by the 75th question, the test ends and you pass. By the same token if you answer a certain % of questions incorrectly by the 75th question, the test ends and you fail. If the test keeps going it means that you are at some in between point and haven't answered x% of questions correctly or incorrectly for a pass/fail to be determined. If you got all 265 I would imagine that you stayed in the middle the entire test. I don't know what that would mean for the final test result.


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you for sure passed! i just took it last wednesday and did the trick and i passed, but i only got 75 questions somehow. i think i would of gave up after 265 lol. but from everyone i hear from the trick is pretty fool proof. you did it!


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I know there are soo many theories and ideas about getting all 265 questions but I guess waiting fr my results is going to be the only sure way but its soooooo nerve-racking to wait!!!!! :( God Blessed me with alot but he didnt give me a ounce of patience :/

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