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  1. CyclicalEvents

    Has anyone ever let their CCRN expire?

    I got mine after my first year of nursing and was quite proud, but now, after 8 years of nursing it just feels like an unnecessary bill. It has never helped me get a job, never gotten a raise at work. I don't even know why it costs so much to renew or why it needs to expire. All it does is make me freak out about finding 100 CEUs every 3 years and annoyed that I have to shell out cash that could be better spent elsewhere. It expires next month and with the current covid-19 problem, I just don't see myself being able to find the CEUs or interested in forking over cash when the economy is so uncertain.
  2. CyclicalEvents

    Dry Needling – An Alternative Intervention for Chronic Pain. Pt. 2

    I believe there is an uptodate article on dry needling vs placebo which found both treatment groups and placebo groups who believed they were receiving treatment reported decreased level of pain.
  3. CyclicalEvents

    How Many Per Diem RNs to a unit

    What do you mean? I've worked units where there was literally no core staff and it was completely run by contract and travelers.
  4. CyclicalEvents

    CDP Experiences?

    From the "official" CDP website The certification is not listed on the nurse.org certification and credentials list that I can find. Also concerning is that it seems you have to renew this certification every 2 years? Plus it literally says on their own site you aren't practicing anything you couldn't already do. It's deceptive to for it to have certified and practitioner in the title. Seems fine if you want some CEUs and education but them calling it a certification that you can put after your RN title seems like a stretch...
  5. CyclicalEvents

    DNR/transfer to hospital

    He was transferred to a hospital for acute care higher level of care/intervention that was likely beyond what would be reasonably accepted at your long term care facility. You're right they probably did try lasix or bipap for a bit until he got better. I don't know how reasonable that would be to expect to be able to do high turnaround lab work - ABGs, CXRs, continuous sp02/ekg monitoring in an LTACH but I assume it's probably limited. DNR does not mean do not treat. You do everything up until cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At a facility I worked in Texas, DNR did not even mean DNI (do not intubate), though I think the law on that has recently changed.
  6. CyclicalEvents

    Housing stipend San Francisco

    Hi, I'm at UCSF in San Francisco right now with fastaff. They post their rates on their site. my stipend is 1k/week. Hourly will very with specialty and unit
  7. CyclicalEvents

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    FINALLY RECEIVED MY PERMANENT LICENSE A COUPLE OF HOURS AGO! I called again today. "It looks like things are still in motion...hold on [2 minute hold]...it looks like your application is complete..one sec [10 minute hold]...you applied for a temporary license? Okay well here's your permanent license number, I received it just now."
  8. CyclicalEvents

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Just an update and venting frustrations: Timeline February 27 - Date USPS says my application was delivered March 12 - Date Breeze system shows my application "submitted" March 19 - Attempting to call CA BON to check status, automated response thing disconnects me instead of letting me hold March 23 - Attempt calling the board. Again auto disconnects when saying to hold March 24 - Call 10 times. Get passed the auto thing once and make it to being on hold. Someone picks up and it immediately disconnects March 26 - Successfully speak to a human! States they are working on January applications and to try calling back in 4 weeks. April 9 - Make several calls to BON, auto disconnects April 10 - Make several calls, speak to a human! "We are currently working on February applications, you application is considered March, please wait 4 - 6 weeks" (Panic mode ensues, lease ending on apartment, travel agency has a job lined up for me but can't submit me without a license) April 22 - Call BON, speak to woman who tells me transcripts on file, finger printing done, Nursys done, states she is going to see the status of issuing me a temporary license is, places me on hold incorrectly and phone starts to ring, some guy picks up. Explain I was on hold while status of temp license is being checked. Tells me he doesn't know anything about that. Give him all of my information again. States that they have not started on my application, they have not keyed in any of my information into their system, they have no transcripts on file. Explain to him that this is impossible as the previous person commented on the University I graduated from. States he doesn't know how she could've done that. States he is the supervisor and that my application has not been started at all so there's no way anyone could've been looking at my temp license status. I angrily hang up on him. I shouldn't have gotten so heated with the guy, but he was so certain that there was no way I spoke to anyone before him who said those things to me. So here I am indefinitely pending...
  9. CyclicalEvents

    Low ball offer?

    You're right! I did not enter in the total housing for the length of the contract correctly. I came up with $38.05/hr after fixing it in the PanTravelers calculator. This is in line with what I make PRN (39/hr)
  10. CyclicalEvents

    Low ball offer?

    Somehow the meals and incidentals didn't copy paste - Meals per diem per shift: $23.33 (70$/week). I work directly through my hospital PRN.
  11. CyclicalEvents

    Low ball offer?

    Hi, I am new to travel nursing and got my first offer through Aya. My recruiter sent me the pay breakdown and after calculating it out on PanTravelers I am almost offended. I have heard that Austin, Texas pays relatively low to the surrounding major cities but this is like a slap in the face. Is this really what Austin pays or are they low balling me? Specialty: ICU Shift: 3 12 hour Shift (times and any special conditions): 36 hours 19:00-07:00 Relocation: $100.00 Weekly Housing Stipend: $500.01 Housing Stipend per shift: $166.67 Taxable hourly wage: $20.00 Total gross weekly pay for 36 hours $1,220.04 Currently I work PRN in San Antonio and make 11$/hr MORE with shift differential included. The above offer was for nights as well and includes NO BENEFITS.
  12. CyclicalEvents

    Extra shift bonus?

    Which hospital is this and where can I sign up??
  13. CyclicalEvents

    Timeline for endorsing RN license to CA

    Here's some interesting articles about why all the applications are taking so long Major Delays for California RN Licenses • BluePipes Blog Shocking Results From California Nursing License Audit • BluePipes Blog I snail mailed everything at the end of February along with paper fingerprinting...hoping to have everything done before May, since I didn't renew my lease for my apartment under the assumption I'd easily be able to start travel nursing in California. Hopefully I won't end up a homeless before I get my license
  14. CyclicalEvents

    First assignment offer

    That seems relatively low...I make 35$ /hr working PRN at one of the Methodist hospitals. The Pan Traveler calculator shows you would have a gross pay of 30.10$/hr. We have a traveler with Aya right now who told me his housing stipend is 2500, hourly is 25$. I don't know his per diem.
  15. CyclicalEvents

    Advice for my job interview in a MD's office

    Ask a coworker that you were on good terms with for a reference.
  16. CyclicalEvents

    Preventing phlebitis with Amiodarone

    At our facility we get the patient a PICC if we are going to start amioderone.

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