I start my prereqs today...

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It's 6:01 am, and I am going to start my prerequisites for various Master's Entry Programs today. In two hours, in fact. I just felt the need to voice my nervousness into the void, and wonder if anyone else is in the same situation as me. If there's anyone else out there who's feeling like this today, know I empathize, and here's to making it out intact and mentally and financially stable!


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I started mine two weeks ago. I was kind of terrified about it, having been out of school for 15 years. So far it's going really well though. It's weird spending so much time amongst the youth of America, but all in all, pretty great.


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well i've been doing mine for a year now but i just wanted to tell you good luck!!

just finished mine over the past year!

good luck to you! though you'll be busy studying, enjoy it! :)


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Just finished my first quarter! First time back to school in 6 years, and I must say I did great. If you're determined enough, you'll do great too.

Good luck!! :)

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Congrats on being brave enough to take this step!

Thanks to everyone who replied. It's only been two days, but I'm really enjoying it. I should have been taking science from the very beginning, because this stuff is much more interesting than what I covered in college the first time around.


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Girl - My BA is also useless and after a year of pre-req science classes I realize that I too should have stuck with science instead of business the first time around. Thankfully I have one last class (Micro) to take for mandatory pre-reqs. I'll have to take a developmental psych class in the fall, but can apply (for spring 2010) while that's in progress. Good luck with your classes. You'll do fine and you'll eventually stop noticing how young your classmates look.


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I am another girl with a useless BA...lol... I am not sure why I didn't take sciences the first time either. I have nine more hours and will start nursing school in Jan. It has been fun taking the prereqs.


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Im in my second semester of pre-reqs. First semester went really well...straight A's. I'm in the summer semester right now so its like 5 months of work crammed into 2 months....so a little more intense but atleast I'll have some more pre-reqs out of the way. Good luck


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You know...I used to say my degree was useless but I have a feeling that someday I'll put it to good use...Only time will tell.

Now that you're an older more mature student I'm sure you'll do great!

Good luck!

I start in the Fall and I'm VERY excited!!!!!

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