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ICU11 has 2 years experience and specializes in Neurology.

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  1. Cover letter, ok to admit wanting better hours?

    I landed a job in a clinic recently by applying within my specialty, Neuro, and emphasized my desire to work with this population, wanting more time for patient education, etc. I also asked to shadow. When she asked in the interview what I wouldn't...
  2. UNC & Duke ABSN- Spring 2014

    I applied and got into both Duke and UNC. I loved Duke when I interviewed, but ultimately the price led me to pick UNC. I am so happy I went to UNC. I would have really struggled to pay the Duke loans on a nursing salary. Go with UNC if you get i...
  3. Which hospice agency is the best to work for in the Raleigh area? Did you take a pay cut when leaving hospital nursing?
  4. I have been asked my salary requirement for an Admissions position at a non profit Hospice. I have no idea what to ask for? I am in NC. Any help would be appreciated
  5. CCRN salary in Dallas hospitals

    Do Dallas hospitals pay more for CCRN? I am applying for jobs in the ICU at Parkland and Baylor and just wondering what hourly pay to expect. I only have 1.5 years experience but BSN and CCRN.
  6. All of the hospitals in the Triangle area are hiring new grads. UNC, WakeMed, Duke, etc.
  7. Is it hard to get a job in Dallas?

    Is it hard to get a job in Dallas? I have 1 year ICU experience and a BSN. What is the base pay like?
  8. NEW RN ....just accept any job?

    I agree with the previous posters to get experience, but in my case I did turn down the first job I was offered. I had an interview lined up for an ICU position, so I gambled and turned down the first job offer. I did end up getting the ICU job tha...
  9. Next ABSN class at UNC?

    I think they are admitting ABSN in Jan and BSN in May now.
  10. New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

    I ended up being hired into an ICU at a teaching hospital where I live- I asked to shadow after my interview and hit it off with the nurses. I think being a good fit for the unit is a plus, so if you can shadow and be friendly while you are there t...
  11. I have a friend who accepted a job there- Nurse Manager said there are some psych patients. It is closely tied to ED, mostly patients who just need to be watched before they are allowed to go home. WakeMed shift differentials are good- I think it is ...
  12. Watts, UNC or Durham Tech???

    Do the prereqs at a CC. Some you can take online. It is much faster to go the UNC route. I had to take ALL of the prereqs and did them in just two semesters at a CC. UNC is extremely competitive, so you need to get all A's in prereqs and write go...
  13. Watts, UNC or Durham Tech???

    I have a BA, have kids, etc. I chose to go to UNC. It is much less time than doing an ADN or Diploma program, esp. if you want to get an MSN later. If you have a decent GPA try to go to UNC. I did the ABSN program, 4 semesters, and that is much c...
  14. UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    I know of people who got waitlisted for last January and got accepted anywhere from a week later to right before school.
  15. UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    No, but if you do well in clinical you probably won't have a problem. I am not worried! :)