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ICU11 has 2 years experience and specializes in Neurology.

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  1. ICU11

    Cover letter, ok to admit wanting better hours?

    I landed a job in a clinic recently by applying within my specialty, Neuro, and emphasized my desire to work with this population, wanting more time for patient education, etc. I also asked to shadow. When she asked in the interview what I wouldn't miss about my inpatient job, I did mention the hours. I thought it was a mistake at the time, but I got the job anyway!
  2. ICU11

    UNC & Duke ABSN- Spring 2014

    I applied and got into both Duke and UNC. I loved Duke when I interviewed, but ultimately the price led me to pick UNC. I am so happy I went to UNC. I would have really struggled to pay the Duke loans on a nursing salary. Go with UNC if you get in.
  3. I have been asked my salary requirement for an Admissions position at a non profit Hospice. I have no idea what to ask for? I am in NC. Any help would be appreciated
  4. ICU11

    NEW RN ....just accept any job?

    I agree with the previous posters to get experience, but in my case I did turn down the first job I was offered. I had an interview lined up for an ICU position, so I gambled and turned down the first job offer. I did end up getting the ICU job that I wanted so it worked out for me. Good luck.
  5. ICU11

    Next ABSN class at UNC?

    I think they are admitting ABSN in Jan and BSN in May now.
  6. ICU11

    New grad nurses- what did you do to get hired?

    I ended up being hired into an ICU at a teaching hospital where I live- I asked to shadow after my interview and hit it off with the nurses. I think being a good fit for the unit is a plus, so if you can shadow and be friendly while you are there that might help you get the job over others. I didn't even have nursing assistant experience, but I had great clinical experiences that I spoke about in the interview. Good luck.
  7. I have a friend who accepted a job there- Nurse Manager said there are some psych patients. It is closely tied to ED, mostly patients who just need to be watched before they are allowed to go home. WakeMed shift differentials are good- I think it is around $10 an hour for weekend days. This just changed and I am going by word of mouth of my friends who have taken jobs there. Duke Raleigh's surgical floor- I think the nurse patient ratio is supposed to be 5 or 6 patients per nurse. Shift differential for weekend days is $4.50/hr. Good luck. I hope I remembered these right, but I thought I would chime in if you didn't get a reply.
  8. ICU11

    UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    I applied to both and ultimately went to UNC. It is a great program for a great price. I ended up spending a lot of money to apply to Duke. If I had it to do over again, I would not even apply to Duke until hearing from Carolina. Good luck!
  9. ICU11

    UNC-Chapel HIll School of Nursing

    I am in the ABSN program now. It is very competitive. I really love it. Great program!!!!
  10. ICU11

    pre-nursing mom of 3 needs advice

    I have three kids, 4, 2, and 1. I am in an ABSN 14 month program. I have more time with my kids than if I worked full time. The kids stay with their grandmother or my husband while I am in class.. I have class 4 days a week. Anyway, I think in some ways I have it a lot easier than the moms with older kids. It is doable if you have family support! I absolutely love nursing school. Doing great!
  11. Well, I live relatively close to Wake Med and not far from Rex where clinicals might be. I own a home so it seems silly not to commute. Uprooting 5 people for 14 months of school doesn't seem worth it. I am focusing on the positives I guess- I will get to unwind on the drive home! :)
  12. Nogames- I have about a 40 minute commute too. I will probably be parking at the Friday Center park n ride. You don't need a pass for this lot. Congrats on your acceptance BTW. :)
  13. ReneeSuzy, Orientation was a lot of information! Check out the FB group because it has a lot of answered questions there. I would get your first Hep B shot if you haven't had it yet. Make sure you sign up to take the TEAS test too. Glad you are coming!
  14. ICU11

    NCCU's program

    I think Duke really looks at the whole person- the interview really helps! I think you have a good shot at it- They are really looking for leaders in nursing and what you could contribute to the cohort with your background. Do your research about why Duke is a good fit for you and tell them in your interview. I really really loved Duke's program even though I chose to go to UNC ultimately. I heard of people getting in with all kinds of GPAs so I think they are looking at the whole person like I said before. Good luck! I am excited for you. :)
  15. ICU11

    NCCU's program

    It completely sucks you can't apply to both. If I was in your position I would apply for the BSN- I think generally the mean prereq GPA for the UNC ABSN is about a 3.7.
  16. ICU11

    NCCU's program

    Congrats on getting married! I am an older student too. I understand not having time to volunteer. I think that would make a great third essay, just make sure to include any volunteering you did while in college. Work experience will work to your advantage too. UNC is very competitive but they look at your entire application. Writing strong essays could get you in if you pull up the pre-req GPA to around a 3.5. Are you doing online classes? It would be pretty easy to retake any classes if you did them online even while working full time. I understand the rush- I did all my prereqs last spring and summer!