I resigned yesterday


I am so sad and feel like a part of me is missing. I resigned my position as HH RN yesterday. Things had been getting bad at work. We were getting very busy and many new RN's were hired. Problem was, the nurses with the co. for many years hadn't had a raise in 4 years. The new nurses with little experience and no hh exp. were making 50% more than us. This made for a divided workplace. We were so busy and had to do as many visits as we could. The newer nurses could do very few and the seasoned ones were doing double or triple and making less money. I had set up an interview in a different area several weeks ago for next Monday because I felt myself getting burned out. It got to be too bad and I felt I had to resign or my pt care would be impacted. It was a very sad day for me because I love home health and all of my patients with all of my heart. I dreamnt about my patients last night and kept thinking I was hearing my pager go off today even though I turned it in yesterday. I knew it was time for me to go but I feel as if a part of who I am is a home health nurse and that is now gone. I hope that the patients get the care that they deserve.


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I hope that you find somewhere where you can be happy - life is too short to live it unhappy.

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traumaRUs took the words right out of my mouth. Life's too short. I'm sorry you're having a rough best. Best wishes for something better. :)



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If the new hires were making 50% more than the experienced nurses, it is high time you vote with your feet...I would not stay somewhere where this happened either.

I don't know a nurse who would.


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Dear Traveler;

I am so sorry you were placed in this "no-win" situation by your employer. I can emphathize and truly understand how you feel. Please, set your mind at rest and take a positive approach to your situation. We often develop a special bond with certain patients, but we have to trust in God that His plan for us and them will be exactly as it should be. I wish you good luck on the new job . Keep us posted on how it goes.



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You did the right thing. Can I ask you if you approached management for a raise? Now that you have resigned, you could still approach them to rehaire you at the new recruit salary. You are obviously distressed about quitting a job that you clearly loved. I agree with your decision to quit, but this still might be a workable situation.

I have never quit a job until I had another job lined up. You are a much better bargaining position when you are already employed. The new company has to lure you away from your present job. Plus, if you really hate your job, it feels so much better when you can tell them that you already have another job lined up, so quitting this sucky job won't hurt you financially.



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Thank you all for your kind words. It did become a bad situation. I did approach my boss and ask for a raise. I laid it all out about why I deserved one. I was the most productive employee in the office- usually by double, I did a good job, never had any write-ups, I had been there 3.5 years. I worked well with the patients, etc. etc. The older nurses were training the new hires who were making more. We had gotten very busy at work lately and were all seeing as many as we could. It wasn't unusual for me to see 2 admissions and 6 visits with 150 miles in a day. The new hires were seeing 4 or 4 visits. My attitude was getting bad. I didn't want it refelcted in my patient care. My boss never ever even got back to me about my raise. I spelled it all out in my letter of resignation. I didn't burn any bridges but I scorched a few. I also sent a copy of my letter to corporate. I don't want the patients to suffer for the way the office is being run. My boss called me at home that night and we talked for over an hour. She was sort of feeling around about what amount of money would make me stay. I told her it was too late for that. I already saw that I am not appreciated or respected and I can't work at a place like that. I was going to wait until I had a job lined up, but sometimes you just have to walk and know that things will work out. It actually made more of an impact when I resigned for them to know that it was so bad that I was just walking away from it- not because I had another job. I do love home health though. It is a wonderful job.

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Well, I feel for you. I know it must have been a hard decision. If you would have stayed, you could have become a martyr, or as you said, your pt care would suffer. I hope your boss is feeling foolish, and sorry that she let you get away. I hope you find a job you like even more, though I know you will never forget your pts.


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Traveler, I applaud you.

As one who frequently feels a real sense of dedication to my clients, no matter what job I'm doing, I know how painful it can be when the right decision goes against that part of my grain.

Voting with your feet is exactly what you had to do. Nothing is worth getting burned out over!

It occurs to me that this all has to do with "the value of money." If we aren't compensated fairly, we are disappointed, and rightly so.

You have made it better for those who stayed--maybe management will get the idea. And maybe you can go back! You would be new hire then, qualify for the higher rate of pay, but would require much, much less breaking in time! How could they refuse?

Take care!



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It's funny how life works out. I love home health- it is my calling in nursing I believe. I was offered a job at another hh agency. The office is about the same distance from my home as my other office but in the total opposite direction. The area covered is much more rural, which I love. The office is pretty small. There are only 50 patients and the coverage area is MUCH smaller. I am told I will rarely get over 60 miles. As far as field nurses, there is only one FT LPN, the director who is an RN, a part time RN and now me. They offered $10 more an hour, 36 cents a mile (I was getting 27 cents) and the visit rate is $8 higher. Plus I will rarely have to take call and partial benefits are offered if I average 20 visits per week. Things have a way of working out. I am so glad I left my other position.


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i love a happy ending....


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I am sorry your agency did not address your pay but I am glad you found something else.



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