I Quit!!!!

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Aren't ya'll proud? Now if only I could get my other half to quit!!!


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Good for you! I need to quit, too! :roll

Lela RN

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Good for you !!! How are you doing it. I bought some of that nicorette gum over the weekend while I was trying to quit for the "umpteenth" time, it's gross. After the orange flavor is gone it tasted like I was chewing charcoal. I ended up buying another pack of cigarettes first thing Monday. I only smoke about 7-10 cigarettes a day for the last 7 years. Quitting has been impossible though. Any advice.


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Good for you! I quit 7 years ago. I still miss it sometimes, but am a whole lot healthier! I haven't had bronchitis one time since I've quit, and I used to have it twice a year!


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^5 to you; that is TERRIFIC! Way to go! Your lungs and family will thank you!

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This is my nineth week! I am using nicorette gum. I am weaning myself of it now. Down to one peice every 4 to 8 hours. It helped alot. HOw much did you smoke? I used to smoke a pack a day....only for 2 years though........I had smoked 3 packs a day when I got preggo with my son 23 years ago and quit cold turkey......



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Cool Dianne! How long has it been?

I'm celebrating my one year anniversary this week! Do I feel better? Yes. Does my food taste better? Yes. Is my ass a little bigger? Yes. But can I scream louder? YES!

Good luck and much continued success to you!


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:roll Heather.........it's been 4 weeks and 2 days.......

I got sick....I've always battled asthma.........(ok,,yep I still smoked!!):confused:

But this time I wound up in the hospital w/ pneumonia.........it really scared the hell out of me! Now I really know how people feel when they can't catch their breath. It's scary!!!

I was basically forced to quit while in the hospital for 5 days. And now I'm on Wellbutrin 150 SL once a day.......he did have me on bid........but my heart raced like crazy!!!!!!!!

so.......yes..........no :smokin: for me.........larger "wide load ass" which I don't need but can deal with!!

I haven't tried the gum or the patch.......just been wingin' it with the drugs.........

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Heather OMG I am laughing so hard over your post........LOL. You always make me laugh!!!!!


Congratulations NurseDianne!:D

I have never been a smoker, but everyone else in my family is. My hubby just quit 2 months ago. I couldn't believe it. He has tried before, but this time was different. He was finally so angry about his "habit" as he called it. What helped for him was the nicorette, and also he chewed on toothpicks. He carried a little tin in his pocket, and had flavored toothpicks whenever the urge to smoke struck. It was the dental hygienist at his last dental visit who suggested the toothpicks. I think he was just really "ready" to quit this time. We also had lots of gum and snacks on hand for the first few weeks.

Good luck to you & all you future non smokers!

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Congratulations Nurse Dianne! I'm a quitter too! Believe me In time it gets easier...... and yes the tushy does get wider.... but better that than dead! I can get rid of the weight!

Again... Congrats!!!!!


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Yay!! My grandmother just quit last year (at 80!!) after 60+ years of 4 packs/day. Got mad because they put another tax on them and just quit cold turkey out of protest!! Her house smells 100% better and she looks and feels great! Congrats!!


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