I passed!!!! Yes! Pvt works


HI everyone

I took my test last Sep 8 @ 8am for the second time. First time I took the nlcex I failed with 75Qs and feel like the world drop on my head. I was sad and in denial that I can't believe I failed for the first time. My confidence drop big time and always in doubt about my ability. However, after coming to this website it helped me build my confidence back and really push myself to be back on track. After doing the pvt trick and knew that I failed first time, on the spot after checking it and brought me to the cc page. I paid $200 and said to myself "ok, I need to get the ATT and pick another date." I made sure I resched my 2nd attempt after 45days because I am so want to get over this test. I feel like I failed for the first time because I didn't really pay attention reading the rationales. I was doing questions, however careless enough to really understand the rationales. I learned my mistake in a very hard way.

enough said, What I did differently I bought PDA by La Charity. I used my Kaplan again for the second time (I used kaplan for the first time as well) I stick with my main tool w/c kaplan. I used lipincotte and saunders ipad app. I do kaplan qbanks everyday 50-200questions, I make sure I read and understand the rationales. After I use PDA and reading all the rationales from my nclex practice exam my kaplan score went high, before I'm getting 50-60s on my qbanks. When I did my qbanks I got 70-88% for every 50questions. My qtrainers 66-77%, Diag: 71%, readiness: 74.44%. Also if I don't understand or miss a content on a nclex practice test, I google it and read through it. I also borrow someone hurst account from a member here. I really thank that person for being generous to me. I watched hurst video and I really love it! I remember everything that I've learned from all the system.

BOTTOM LINE: PLEASE read the rationales even you got it right or wrong, coz it will make a huge difference. PLEASE get PDA by La charity if you are having a hard time with Priority, Delegation, and Assignment question. Saunders: I didn't read the book, but I used the q and a for my content. I learned content through q and a as I go through with all the rationales or encounter a question from Saunder that I don't know (I google it)

PRAY PRAY PRAY!! I prayed so hard to GOD before and after I study. When I took my test, if I don't understand I closed my eyes and pray to GOD!

To close this :) please feel free to msg me if you have questions or need study buddy. So willing to help you guys to pass nclex =^_^=


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Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you :yelclap:


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Congrats!! You deserved it :)


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congrats! I also failed the fisrt time and about to retake it in a few weeks. I'm using saunders, PDA by lacharity and ncsbn online reiew. YOu said you also used lippincott right? I just want to know if you find it helpful.


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yey congrats :yelclap::balloons:


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I'm so happy for you!! Congratulations!! You did it!!!


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Congratulations u did good job )))


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Awesome!!!! Congrats..