I passed!!!! Yes! Pvt works


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:DCongrats!!! Welcome to the Nurses's Club!!!!!!:):nurse:

Congratulation to you!!!!! The weight of the world is lifted off of your shoulders :-)

Can I get access to those Hurst Video please, testing next month and don't have the funding to purchase them?/!


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Congrats to you!!


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Yes for content. I used the lipincotte ipad app. I use it if my brain is fried answering kaplan questions or if I don't feel like doing kaplan and just do like 10-50 questions before I go to bed.


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Thanks everyone! without the member of AN encouraging and supportive words, I wouldn't make it. I really appreciate you guys kind words ^_^


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Congrats on passing!

I did the same studying technique, but still havent passed. I think my brain keeps second guessing. :( I am interested in the hurst video you mentioned, how is it differ from kaplan? I have the audio and book from hurst, but im wondering about the video. Since there are so many resources out there, I do not want throw money away that may not work for me.

Any pointers will help. This will be my 4th attempt, I had a detour in September (hospitalized), so trying to get back into groove.

Congrats again! I really hope to be there one day.....