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Ambulatory Surgery, PACU,SICU
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DutchRN09 specializes in Ambulatory Surgery, PACU,SICU.

Worked as a PCT, competed my ASN, Next educational goal: BSN

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  1. DutchRN09

    Why did you become a nurse?

    I wanted a job that had set hours, and when I am not there I did not have to think about it, or be on call 24 hrs a day. I work 2 days a week and can support myself, and have health insurance, plus my work is interesting.
  2. Maybe be a librarian, there are books and the people who are there, can take themselves to the bathroom, they take their family members home, and you have to get your own coffee when you are there and it's quiet...
  3. DutchRN09

    military service male nurse

    Thank you for your service. With your experience, it should help you become a part of flight team. Most people where I work have ICU experience. Start doing pre req's for your BSN of you can, or see if the military can help you figure out what may transfer to your school of choice, and once you are done with school and have your license, start talkign with murse recruiters. It may seem like a long road, but with your commitment to service, you can certainly achieve your goal!
  4. DutchRN09

    Last minute advice - Labor and Delivery Interview

    Good luck with your interview! Be postive, willing to learn and be yourself!
  5. DutchRN09

    Happiness vs more money

    I agree that people tend to study more if they have a financial stake. It is ok to keep a job you like and that works for you. It may inspire your son to do what he loves as well.
  6. DutchRN09

    Why does every unit have a princess?

    We had one where I used to work, the only person who could work 12's on the entire unit. Everyone else had to work 8's. No clue as to why, but I do not miss that.
  7. DutchRN09

    Would you become an RN again if you had the choice?

    I would do it again, I work 0.6 with FT pay and good benefits, day shift hrs. Most of my co workers are nice, and so are the doctors. The work is interesting and challenging and I have a lot of free time when I am not working. I would not become a NP as I am not interested in working a lot more hrs and covering call, for less pay per hr. I work in SICU and would feel differently if I worked a general floor.
  8. DutchRN09

    Hit the ground running.

    All I can say is that PBDS is a poor indicator IMO. The hospital were I was just stopped using it. I would clarify expectations if possible.
  9. DutchRN09

    Graduating Soon....Then What???

    I would start by securing a job as a nurse, if you want to further your education you can do that once you are working, and your hospital may help you with tuition reimbursement. If you have an opportunity at your current place, take it, it sounds like jobs are hard to come by for lots of new grads.
  10. DutchRN09

    How many of you had to make a change recently?

    I worked 0.8 FTE and liked my job, then I transferred to another city for my husband's job, and I figured I would never get a job like the one I had. But now that I am 3 months in, my current place is better. I work less and make quite a lot more p/hr. And we are too busy on my unit for drama, so that was a huge step forward. So you never know how it might work out.
  11. DutchRN09

    How do you handle the everyday stress of a nurse?

    Do not pick up OT, walk the dog, yoga, gym q d., eat healthy, don't think about work when not there, do not pick up OT
  12. I say something like " so give ---mg q2, is that right? And they say "yes" takes like 2 microseconds
  13. DutchRN09

    Leave you family for nursing??

    Many residents end up divorced as well, there is an interesting documentary on PBS about this very thing.
  14. DutchRN09

    Where to go from here

    40K for an RN degree? What is the average salary in your area? That sounds like a lot of debt for a potential job that pays around 22 dollars an hr (in Illinois) to start.
  15. DutchRN09

    Finding the right time to sleep...

    The night before I work I sleep from 2100-0515, that works well, and then I repeat that x2. When I am off, I sleep from 2200-0600/0630, which I why I prefer working days, although they are super busy. At least my sleep schedule is the same.
  16. DutchRN09

    Is 7 the new 5?

    Yes, where I came from in the Midwest, nurses had 7 pts 3-11, I don't know about a night. Where I currently am it varies from 5 to 7. Mostly 7 though on general floors. I have 2, but am in ICU, and 3 in ICU stepdown, which I think is 1 too many.