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I passed after torture...(265)


I can not believe I passed and I am now an RN !!!!!! I went out to dinner and celebrated and have rechecked the sight to just look at my name come up more then I will admit :) Thank you for all the posts and support. A special thank you to Silverdragon, who took the time to send me words of encouragement. 265 is a lot of questions, my only suggestion is for anyone about to take the test is to take a sample test of 265 and do not pause it and try only to let yourself take only one break. I mean I felt like I was not mentally prepared to finish the "marathon" and would have benefited from studying as if 265 was my ending #. Good luck to all.


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:hpygrp: Congradulations.:yeah:

Silverdragon102, BSN

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Congratulations, so pleased for you :D



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Congratulations.. Feel so relieved huh.... :tbsk:

I too am a 265 Nclex testimony I passed first try with 265 questions and it was truly and struggle to keep focused those two days waiting for the results. So I testify that it can be done.

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Good job! Enjoy celebrating all your hard work paid off!!!

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Congratulations, yes, you had to answer a lot of questions, but you passed and that what is important, right now. Congratulations, once more. :yeah::bdyhdclp::flwrhrts: feliz3

:yeah:Congratulations and now you are a RN; your hard work has paid off. Good luck as you move into your career :nurse:.:yeah::yeah:


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Just out of curiosity, if you could guess, why do you think the program gave you 265 questions?

Congratulations!! :yeah:


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