I passed!!!

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I passed!!! Words cannot discribe my utter happiness and relief! :Melody: Wanted to share my expirence: Had 75 questions, mostly all priority, who to see first types. One about garlic :rolleyes: one med (I think), no math, and three check all that apply. The testing center people were very nice, took my fingerprints three times! The earplugs work very well too. I felt that I had passed when I walked out of the center, but then all the self-doubt kicked in. Two days later-yesterday-I found out the great news from the pearson site (and called the BRN to verify, LOL). Good luck everyone!!!! :p

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Congo rats! Not "almost" anymore!


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NOTHING can ruin your day!!!!

now you just have to change that username!


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Congrats!! Good for you! :rotfl:


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Congrats to you! Good luck with your career!


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Congratulations!!! :balloons:

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Thank you everyone! :)


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YAY!!! Way to go!! Can't wait until I can post the same. All the best to you in your career.

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Congratulations!!! I agree, time to change the username!!

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:balloons: :Melody: :biggringi :p :yelclap: :cheers: :yeah: :smiley_aa

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