I passed :)


I found out this morning that I passesd! now im a real RN! It has been the best Valentine's Day!:redbeathe


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congratulations!!! what a relief right? I just recently passed too...and now im enjoying myself before i join the workforce...have fun and enjoy the fruits if your labor!


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Congratulations! Was it hard? Obviously not too hard if you passed, but did you have to study your butt off

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CONGRATS ncgatorgirl! What a great feeling and sigh of relief(for now)! Enjoy that feeling as there is more to come. Take care.:yeah::bowingpur


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Thanks for all of the Congrats! Yes it was hard, I was sure that I had failed just as most ppl are, But to those who haven't taken it yet Good luck and don't lose hope! It's only by the grace of God that I passed


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I'm currently in the process of deciding when to take my Nclex! I mean, i had a set date but had to reschedule 'cuz I'm sooo scared! How did you do it?


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:D Congradulations.
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