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I love being a mom :)

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  1. I passed :)

    Thanks for all of the Congrats! Yes it was hard, I was sure that I had failed just as most ppl are, But to those who haven't taken it yet Good luck and don't lose hope! It's only by the grace of God that I passed
  2. I passed :)

    Thank you!
  3. I passed :)

    I found out this morning that I passesd! now im a real RN! It has been the best Valentine's Day!:redbeathe
  4. 77 questions

    Well guys, I found out this morning that I PASSED!! YAY! well that was the unofficial results that you can find out in 48 hours.... Im not real sure what exactly it means..can someone explain??
  5. NCLEX- Does anyone know?

    Hey guys i took boards yesterday morning and I am so bummed that I had one dosage calc, needless to say I am 100% positive that I missed it:uhoh3: I had 77 questions total, 3-4 SATA, one I had to put in order, may math question was mcg/kg/min and I ...
  6. 77 questions

    Good luck to you too:up: God Bless
  7. 77 questions

    Oh I am extremely nervous....It was such a hard test (way harder than any test I ever had in nursing school) I didnt have that many SATA ?'s maybe 4-5 only one dosage calc but lots of priority...Im only hoping for the best, I really really really h...
  8. 77 questions

    Thank you so much, and I will. Should find out the results on :redbeathe day! Im nervous though
  9. 77 questions

    I am new this site so I just wanted to say Hey! I took NCLEX-RN this morning and I had 77 questions so Im stressing I hope and pray that I passed...